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From Vegas to Yosemite Through the Death Valley National Park

After three days in Vegas, our next destination is the Yosemite National Park. It’s a long drive between the two places. I have two ways to get to Yosemite. I could either take the 500 miles longer route via cities in California which is much safer or I could take the shorter 400 miles route through the Death Valley National Park. Both routes is estimated to take the same amount of time, 8 hours.

I decided to take the more exciting and precarious route — Death Valley! I guess we had been watching too many movies of overheated cars stranded in the middle of the desert. Suanne was unsure if that is the right thing to do. The boys were quite scared to tell the truth! Me? I would not pass on this chance to put another tick mark on my “Been There, Done That” list.

Let’s put things in perspective. I would say that 32C/90F is a hot day in Vancouver. When we were in Vegas it was 45C/113F — and that felt like you’re in a furnace. Guess how hot it COULD get in Death Valley … 54C/130F. Death Valley is the hottest and driest place in North America. That would put the fear of God in every man.

Oh well, you’ll only live once … I-95 it is then. Click here for the route we took (on hindsight, we should have taken this route instead)


We loaded up with water. We started off with getting 20 bottles of drinking water two days prior. Then just the day before we left Vegas, I checked the internet and read of some horror stories of people getting stranded and all. So, to play it safe, we bought another 24 bottles and some 4 litres bottles! We should be alright.


At the store, we also gotten ourselves some of our favourite snacks. Since the heavy breakfast buffet at Rio’s, we did not count on stopping for lunch. Nah … I don’t think they have McDonalds in the middle of the desert.


We almost always have string cheese for snacks on road trips. This one is pretty good but the best we had was from Oregon’s Tillamook cheese. The Pringles Parmesan Garlic potato chips were unique … so, we bought that to try. Normally Pringles comes in the longish can. It’s very salty … a disappointment really.


We made a stop at a small town called Beatty at the outskirt of Death Valley. It was all because of huge signs along the way advertising fresh home made jerkies for sale. We bought one pack.


This one is called “Gus’s Really Good Fresh Cowboy Beef Jerky”. Let me tell you … I had never tasted worse jerkies than these. I know some people would enjoy this but I wouldn’t even call this food. It’s super tough and ultra dry — Suanne said that it’s like eating leather. She reckoned her leather bag tastes just about the same.


Here it is … at the entrance of Death Valley and sort of the kind of place where one stops for a word of prayer before proceeding.


It was pretty scary seeing the long stretch of road that looked like there is no end. And there is not a single car in sight at all. You know what is the most single cause of death in Death Valley? OK, cut it out … it is not that it’s so hot that cars combust into thin air.

Rather it is what is known as a SCR … single car rollover. It’s so easy to speed in Death Valley without fully realizing it. Moreover the road shoulder in many places are soft gravels.


We did not count on having to pay just for driving through Death Valley. Wowee … 20 bucks. The boys and us debated for a long time on whether to pay or not. I explained to them that there are no one around to enforce this … so, why pay, right? Anyway, we did pay.


Last pit stop before moving on. Boy! This really stinks … I didn’t go in and did it outside.


Well, it was not as bad as I thought. After all, this is a national park and the National Park Service boys would have thought of everything.


There are tanks along the way for your radiator should you need it. They are not for drinking though.

The worse stretch was this one uphill section where there were signs advising drivers to switch off the air-conditioner to prevent the car from over heating. I can’t remember exactly but it was something like 10 miles or so. Man! It was pure torture without the aircond. We tried to wind down the window but it made things worse.


I made a mistake taking the route I took. I should have taken Route 190 which would have taken me to Furnace Creek and Badwater. Badwater is the lowest point in North America and is about 282 feet below sea level.


I wish I had more time to explore this national park. Maybe I’ll be back here one day but the next time, it will be in colder months. Summer in Death Valley is simply impossible for me.

It’s amazing that there’s such a place in the world … a perfect place where a basin is located right in between two ranges.


Equally as amazing is that just over the western range, there looms some of the most beautiful rugged mountains … Yosemite must be just nearby.


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Las Vegas Vacation: Carnival World Buffet at Rio

We got up extra early that last morning in Vegas as we had a long day driving from Vegas to Yosemite. This is one breakfast we know we want to load up on as we have no plans to stop for lunch until we get to Yosemite.

Since Rio is known as an All-Suite hotel, I figure that they would be worth checking out. The Rio hotel is not located along the The Strip but a few blocks west of the South Las Vegas Blvd. Driving down the Strip, one would not miss noticing the red and blue tower.


The Carnival World Buffet is known to be the first buffet in Las Vegas to have multiple action stations and the buffet that introduces high-end buffets to Las Vegas.

Rio’s buffet is quite cheap compared to Bellagio’s. Here is what I gleaned from their website:

  • Breakfast $13.99 plus tax, 7am-11am Mon-Fri, 7:30am – 10:30am Sat-Sun
  • Lunch $16.99 plus tax, 11am-3:30pm Mon-Fri
  • Dinner $23.99 plus tax, 3:30pm-10pm Nightly
  • Saturday & Sunday Champagne Brunch $23.99 plus tax, 10:30am-3:30pm

They have several electronic payment machines, much like an ATM to make your payment. I was very impressed and thought why didn’t the other buffets do this.


We were there early at slightly past 7AM. There were hardly anyone around when we were there.

The buffet tables were the longest we have ever seen. What you see below is just perhaps a quarter of the buffet counters around. They are arranged by themes. The food are more authentic than any we have ever been to.


The fresh carved meats was our favorite station. The meat were just fresh out from the ovens. Don’t you just love it seeing steam rising as they carved the meats? I do.


I know this is breakfast but I just must have the prime roast. I figured this will be the last time we’re gonna have this until we get to Reno … so why not eat to our fill, right?


The normal breakfast fare are also there … french toasts, waffles, pancakes … yummy!


From the Chinese section, there were buns and dim sums.


They even have chinese pastries — sesame seed balls.


More stuff …


And these …


They even have churros … the boys like these sugarly sticks.


We simply must have bacon, scrambled eggs and hash browns for breakfast.


Their ice cream selection is the best we have seen. The display is simply mouth watering.


We just had chocolate ones though.


The selections from the pastries section were really fresh made.


For a balanced meal, we felt good also having some fruits.


We enjoyed this buffet a lot because we practically had the entire buffet to ourselves. There were no jostling with the crowds although we read that this is one of the busiest buffets in Vegas.

Despite all the claims from every buffet as being the best, Rio is widely recognized as the best buffet in Vegas. I would not disagree.

So, here it is … the last blog entry of our stay in Vegas. Like they say … “What Happened in Vegas … Ends Up On The Internet”.

Cheers! :-)

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Las Vegas Vacation: Bally’s Big Kitchen Buffet

Our original plan was to try that go-just-before-they-change-menu stunt at the Flamingo’s Buffet. I had thought that they operate the the same way as the other buffets which they change their lunch spread to dinner spread at about 4′ish every day. It would have been absolutely awesome as we wanted to be able to watch live flamingos in a lush garden while enjoying our buffet. But … their brunch ends at 2:30PM and then re-opens at 4:30PM for dinner. Shoot! They are closed for two hours in between meal times.

We did not have a Plan B. So, the closest nice place we can think of is Bally’s across the street. From the looks outside and the name itself, it seemed like a nice place for a buffet. We had no idea what this looked like. It was pretty hot that day and we did not feel like hotel hopping to scout for a better buffet. Moreover, our intention is still to pull the 4PM menu-change stunt and we are running out of time. Bally’s it was.


We’ve been spoilt. I can’t help but comparing the Bally’s Big Kitchen Buffet to Paris’ and Bellagio’s. For one, they don’t have long queues. When we walked in just before 4PM, there were no one at the cashier’s and only a few tables were taken.


The buffet tables had a very simple layout. It’s located in a corner section of the dining room. Price wise, it was $64 for the four of us.


They were pretty generous with the Prime Roast and sliced a thick piece even without us asking for a extra thick one. Needless to say, Arkensen and I had several of this.


At least Bally’s also had crabs on the buffet. They are not Alaska King Crabs but am not sure what they are. It was great with melted butter. It’s always messy eating crabs but we had fun.


The prawns were surprisingly quite fresh and nice.


They also had fried prawns. Very crispy … so crispy that I ate the prawns whole … tail and all.


The mussels were big but a bit dry. We did not like it much. All the mussels we had in Las Vegas are nothing to shout about.


The Big Kitchen also had a Mexican selection. We are not big fans of Mexican food but found that Tamale looked unique. Tried it … it was just OK … we still have not acquire the Mexican taste.


Meatballs were the boys favourite.


The fried chicken is like a staple for us — we simply must try a piece of it every time we see one on the buffet.


What do you call this type of stuffed pasta? We always have trouble remembering all the various types of pastas. We know what is spaghettini, fettuccine, fusili, manicotti, penne and I guess that’s about it.


Nanzaro loved their onion rings.


We see quite a lot of pastry that is quite similar to those we found in Paris’ Le Village Buffet. Both Bally’s and Paris are sister hotels and we saw some kitchen workers with Paris logo on their uniform here.


Someone commented on this blog telling me what this is … this is canoli, right? I love this.


Anything chocolatey is always nice.


I liked the look of this. Like a mini cheese burger.


No idea what this one is.


In all, this buffet is not overly exciting. There are no creativity at all — just a simple buffet focusing on good food. With better planning, we would have perhaps tried another buffet.

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Las Vegas Vacation: Hoover Dam Tour

We finally picked up a rental car for the rest of our vacation. Initially we wanted to drive to the Grand Canyon but decided against it after I learned that it is 300 miles from Vegas to the South Rim. What a bummer … we’ll definitely do that as a separate trip next time.

Instead, we went to the Hoover Dam. It is just less than an hour east of Vegas.

Let’s talk about car rentals first, OK? I rented a compact online and gotten the cheapest at that time from Travelocity for an Avis car. We wanted to pick up the car from Vegas and drop it off in Reno. That came to an average of $30 per day (well, it’s more expensive because our drop off point is different from the pickup location). Anyway …

First comment … I learned that it’s actually cheaper if you pick up the car from the city/hotel than if you pick it up from the airport. So, we picked the car up from the Avis location at The Venetian on the Strip.

Secondly … car rentals are way cheaper in the US than in Canada. While the rates looked cheap, what is expensive is the insurance (something called the Collision Damage Waiver) that adds up quite significantly to the rates. I declined getting it because firstly I have a travel credit card that specifically gives me such coverage and also I have Roadstar coverage from ICBC. I think I did the right thing. Car Rental companies make their money primarily from selling the insurances, I believe. I always had to deal with sour faces when I decline their coverage. So, tell me, what do you do regarding CDW when you rent a car?

Anyway, the car was great.


Getting to the Hoover Dam was easy enough. With now a car, our first stop was at Safeway to load up on snacks and drinking water. Driving into Hoover Dam area, we had to pass through a security checkpoint. We were surprised at the amount of traffic.

We parked at the multi-storey car park (on the Nevada side of the dam). It was expensive, $7. It was only later that I learn there are free open parking areas at the Arizona side.


From the car park, it was just a short walk to the main reception area of the Hoover Dam.


The Hoover Dam is a very popular tourist destination with thousands of visitors every day.


The Hoover Dam conducts a short Power Plant Tour. These tours costs $11 for adults and $6 for school children.


The tour follows the same program found in many national parks, etc … started off with a film about the dam and the constructions.


We were then taken down deep into the dam …


… saw the turbines that provides power to Nevada, Arizona and particularly California.


We also went to the old visitor centre to listen to a presentation on dams in Nevada and California. The way this was presented was so old fashion, that I felt like I was in the 50s or 60s. The scale model of the dams in the surrounding areas were really interesting.


The Hoover Dam is the second highest dam in the US. Taking this picture below makes my knees weak … I had to lean over the railing so that I could include the base of the dam. Although it is just a plain wall, the immense size of it is a sight to behold.

Las Vegas and Phoenix would not have been what it is today if not for the Hoover Dam.


The dam created a reservoir called Lake Mead which backs out over 100 miles from the dam. Considering that this was once just a river, it is amazing how much water this dam retained behind this dam. I can’t recall exactly but I think it took something like 18 months after the construction of the dam to fill it to the capacity it is designed to hold.


Outside the dam there were some interesting memorials and monuments. We did not spend much time reading them because it was so hot. Well, despite all the water we see, the Hoover Dam is located in a desert.


We were wondering if the water from the drinking fountain were directly from the water behind the dam.


Half of the dam is located in Nevada and the other in Arizona. We just had to take a picture of this. The boys protested that this looks stupid but we forced them to anyway (he he he … because Suanne and I thought it was stupid for us to be in that picture too!).

Wow … guess what, our vacation not only covered Nevada and California but we can even say we were also in Arizona. :-)


The Dam also serves as a crossing for Route 93. Before this visit, I did not realize that it is a major roadway too. I know that dams are always high security areas and generally does not allow cars to be driven across it. I guess this is because when the dam was built eons ago, there were not much security concerns.


So, the US government expedited the construction of a bypass road after the 9-11 attacks which will divert traffic from the Hoover Dam. So, if you want to experience driving across the dam, then you should do this before this massive bridge is completed.


This bypass road is scheduled to be completed by 2010. It is going to be one of the tallest bridges around and can imagine it to be quite a sight. Looking at this, I was thinking if they one day organize a bungee jump from this bridge, I might just do it.


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Las Vegas Vacation: Breakfast AND Lunch at Le Village Buffet

We decided to go to Paris for another buffet in the morning. To me, Paris is one of the classiest hotels on The Strip. Its very well planned and especially for one who had been to Paris recently, I could related to many of the designs in this hotel, in particular the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triomphe, the Fountain and Louvre.


The interior is designed like you’re walking down a cobbled Paris street in an evening. I love that feeling especially in the front entrance and the casino area where it does not feel overwhelmingly casino-ey.


The Le Village Buffet came highly recommended from a lot of friends as being the best buffet. It is one of the expensive ones, like Bellagio.

MammaViv told us that once they went to Le Village at 10:30AM and ended up having both breakfast and lunch at the same time. This is because Le Village changes their breakfast spread to lunch at 11:00AM. So, we decided to give that tactic a try to land a larger choices of buffet items for a lower breakfast price.

I thought I had timed it well. Well, I thought if I had gotten to Le Village by 10:15AM, I would have been OK to be able to get in by 10:30AM. To my surprise, the buffet line was already long at that time when we got there! Comparing this line with Bellagio’s, I estimated that it will take 30 minutes or even longer to get in. Fortunately, the line went faster than I anticipated and left us time to sample their breakfast spread.


The bill was $64 for the 4 of us. It’s more expensive for lunch but don’t have the numbers. I think it’s really cheap after what we had spent for Bellagio’s dinner buffet.


Everyone would love how Le Village is setup. It is designed like a French village square. You get a choice of sitting “out” in the courtyard or in one of the “buildings” along the sides. We were shown the “outdoor” table — just what we wanted.

Even though we learned that the buffet tables were organized by provincial cooking style in France, I did not even pay attention to it at all.


I like that they came by with a flask of coffee just as we sat down even without us asking for it. Suanne and I need our coffee every morning.

Oh, I expected to be greeted in French … well, at least a Bon Jour. The only frenchy thing about the waitress was her uniform.


You know what disappointed me the most? They don’t serve baguette! I was so looking forward to trying good old French baguette here and was pretty sure they would have it — but no, none at all. I guess behind the facade, this is also very much an American breakfast.


Well, this is French right?


I wouldn’t have taken the items below myself. Arkensen took these items. I am trying to figure out what type of food he really likes by setting him off alone to pick his food. They all looked dry to me. The croissant with ham looked good though.


Our (Suanne and I) strategy is to share our food for the first two rounds and then free for all after that. That way we can taste as many different types of food we want and towards the end, we both can go for seconds for our own favourite food. That works out OK for us except that I, er, dictated what we get or not get on the first two rounds! I should have said that it worked out for me. :-)

Some pretty mushroom pastry below. Tastes good and looks very nice.


You tell me … is Egg Benedict a French invention?


There are several live-action stations. Our favourite is the crepes cooking station. It was great watching them make it and reminded of the ones I had in Paris a few months ago. Did you know that crepe originated from France? I did not but I do now.


I asked for a chocolate and banana crepe. It was while they were making it I realize that there is a difference between chocolates and Nutella. Well, I saw the people ahead of me having lots of chocolatey looking stuff in their crepe and I just had just a few squishes of chocolate on it. That will NOT work for me.

After the cook had finished wrapping up my crepe, I asked him to unwrap it and put in Nutella too. He did better than that. Instead of unwrapping it which makes the crepe cool down fast, he gave me a good smattering of Nutella on top of the crepe, and top it with icing sugar.

Man! That was the best crepe Suanne and I ever had. They were so good that we wanted so much to go for another round. We did not because it was so big and eating another one would have been at the expense of the lunch spread that is being brought out.


Another live cooking station is the omelette station. It’s always great being able to choose all your favourite ingredients and see your perfect omelette made on the spot. Makes you salivate as you watch, right?

I learn something new today … that omelette is known to have been first made by Napolean Bonaparte which makes this a French dish. So, Le Village is quite a Frenchy place after all.


Well, I am sure the stuff below are not Frenchy.


This might qualify for being frenchy … I can’t recall what’s in this crepe. Looked like it’s some pre-wrapped ones.


Oh, cheese. Someone told me they have 30 types of cheeses but we see only less than half a dozen. Maybe it’s because it’s breakfast time. Any experts who can tell us … at what mealtimes are cheese normally consumed?


Anyone can tell me what this is? It looked pretty.


Arkensen and I had lots of roast beef. We went for seconds.


We also had some mussels. There is something about mussels outside of Vancouver. In Vancouver, we had always had very big fleshy ones but the ones we had outside of Vancouver is really small. Even the ones I had in Brussels which I would had expected it to be bigger (i.e. better).


Like Bellagio’s, the dessert selection in Le Village is vast and every single item looked very pleasing. Suanne went for the cheesecakes first.


The tarts were certainly very colourful. Thin pastry with lots of fruits.


Chocolate Mousse — with a piece of logo chocolate chip.


Creme Brulee and Custard … always a favourite in the clan.


What would you call this? Blackberry Custard?


We had a great meal at Le Village and it was fun too. We would rate this buffet several notch above Belaggio’s. If not for our plan to hit different buffets on our trip, we would have returned here for dinner. We’ll certainly come back one day.

This one you must try … and go at least 30 minutes before they change from breakfast to lunch. You pay less for two the selection. Thanks for the tip MammaViv.

Vive la France!

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Verhuur vakantiewoning in many different countries

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Las Vegas Vacation: The Deuce, Coca-Cola and M&M

If you don’t have a car to get around, which we did not, the best way is to get a 24 hour Deuce Access Pass. The Deuce is double-decker buses that ply up and down The Strip. They even go to other routes but we did not try taking those routes at all — doing that complicates my life. I like simplicity — the best bus routes just runs up and down a single simple route.


I think you can only buy the passes on these machines next to the bus stop. Mind you, we don’t see these machines in all bus stops. We just had one conveniently located right in front of the hotel.


Like all-you-can-eat buffets, the Deuce 24 Hour All Access Pass is a all-you-can-ride pass. This is not just a day pass but is valid for 24 hours. Each 24 hour pass costs $5. If you want a single ride pass to anywhere along the route, it’s $2. If you feign disable, you get to pay only $1 — how’s that?

If you don’t have a car, trust me, you want this.


I don’t know what it is with double deckers to our family. I guess it runs in the genes. For some reason, we always MUST travel on the upper deck. If the upper deck is full, we rather wait for the next with which wasn’t.

And preferably, the uppper deck front row seats. They gives the best’est views don’t you think?


Let me digress a little bit and talk about food and drinks. We came across this building along the Strip with large Coca-Cola and M&M “thingy”. Being food bloggers, we can’t pass up the chance to at least visit this place. I cannot forgive myself if people ask me if I had been to the Coca-Cola and M&M place and I answer “Huh? What Coca-Cola? What M&Ms?”

This is located next to the MGM Grand resort.


The World of Coca-Cola here is a disappointment. This is especially so since I had just visited the (old) one in Atlanta. I’ve blogged about the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta … click here if you care to read of that one.

A trip to the World of Coca-Cola is meaningless without being able to taste all their products. Here it costs $7 to do that and when we were there it was not even operating. I would be out of my mind to pay $7 x 4 just to have all-you-can-drink soda. No siree!


Now, M&Ms is something else. Never in my wildest imagination would I thought that the humble M&M can actually take up four floors of merchandise. I am impressed … and will forever look at M&Ms in a different light. This is like a life changing trip for me. :-)

They sell every imaginable souveniors. I am not exaggerating to say that they have more products for sale than a normal souvenior shop. And all of them bears the M&M brand. Awesome.


I was so tempted to buy some of these colorful items but I know I would have problems carrying this on the plane on the way home. I fancy making my work area at home into mini M&M wonderland.


There is even a free 3D movie. The movie was created especially for M&M World … it’s called “I Lost My M in Las Vegas”. Nanzaro love that show a lot. Don’t ask me what the show is about … I slept throughout the show and so did Suanne! :-) Hot weather + tired feet + cold airconditioned room + comfortable seats + dark room = sleep.


I am disappointed. They did not give us any free samples! They should, right?


OK, back to buses …

The buses were super comfortable especially in these hot-hot days. They are air-conditioned. We actually enjoyed this one particular trip where there was a massive jam and the bus took forever to inch it’s way up north — it was a great time to catch 30 minutes of sleep. Believe it or not, I did not want to get off the bus … but I did … sigh …


I love Las Vegas buses and 3D Movies! :-)

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Las Vegas Vacation: Lucky 7′s Buffet at Plaza Casino

Really, this is unplanned for! Although we had planned for buffets in Las Vegas we had just wanted to get a small(er) meal for dinner. Well, walking down Fremont Street we can’t help but notice a sign that said $7.77 All Day Every Day Buffet. After spending almost $30 per head the previous two days, this is a bargain we can’t resist. No harm right? At the very least, we could just go in and check it out.

This was at the Plaza Hotel Casino and the Buffet is called the Lucky 7′s Buffet.


Bad move … first we see a long queue into the buffet which means one thing … that this is popular. And then checking what they served, oh boy, this is exactly what we like. Lots of meat and some comfort food. The boys love these no frills buffet … i.e. they enjoy sushi, burgers, fries, beef over crabs, seafood, and such.

One cannot compare this buffet in any form with The Buffet at Bellagio — not in any stretch of imagination. It’s just a simple buffet … why, even the buffet we had at Ole Country Buffet is posh compared to this. :-) Still, they have more food choices than I would care to try everything.


Arkensen and I loves meat … particularly roast prime beef … and only medium rare. This is really juicy and had the perfect amount of fat.


Absolutely gorgeous? I know, I know … some people find it a bit too rare. Come to think of it, this does look raw, doesn’t it? They are absolutely delicious, I kid you not.


More meat! We also had BBQ Pork Ribs. This was awesome … we had seconds. Of all the buffets we had in Nevada and California, this is the only one we came across BBQ Pork Ribs. I wonder why the rest does not serve this.


Simple tomato baked beans.


What fish is this? He he he … I can only recognize salmons. Anyway, this is cooked in teriyaki sauce.


Nice crispy fried chicken. The best part is the skin … I just love fried crunchy chicken skin. You know, I think this buffet is very much like southern cooking type — don’t you think so?


Oh yeah, they even have cooking stations … for burgers and hotdogs. Suanne and I stayed away from this but the boys had so much fun gobbling down the burger and fries. I had a bite … they were pretty good.


Nanzaro had the Chili Dog. The bun was so flimsy the entire bun fell apart. It was a mess.


Dessert was underwhelming here. Suanne had her favourite cheesecake, if you can call it that. There’s hardly any cheese in this … mostly flour cake, if you ask me.


Is there a name for this? I like this a lot. If you can tell me the name, I’ll try to look up the recipe on the internet and cajole Suanne to make this sometime soon!! :-)


Ice cream in a cone … now, why didn’t the buffet chefs think about this. I mean, they would have been absolutely perfect if they offer chocolate coated waffle cones at buffets.


Overall, this was a great meal … great value for money too. $7.77 … you can’t beat that for value.

BTW, how much do one normally tip for buffets? We normally just tip $1 per person, or $2 if the service is good. But that is for a $30 buffet … do one tip lesser for a $7,77 buffet?

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Las Vegas Vacation: Fremont Street Experience

We took a bus to Fremont Street one evening. Fremont Street is located in downtown Las Vegas. Because of the glitter in The Strip, one can quite easily confuse The Strip as being downtown. Fremont Street is where the first casinos in Las Vegas ware opened — the place where it all began with the first gambling license issued in the 1930s.

It is here that where the original and famous Las Vegas are located: Binion’s Horseshoe, Eldorado, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget and Pioneer Club.


Fremont Street is now a pedestrian mall. Back in 1994, the street was closed to install the now famous lighted canopy on Fremont in response to the intense competition from the glitzier hotels on The Strip. This makes Fremont Street definitely more comfortable walking with wide walkways and lots of things to see and do. We simply love being here … just standing there and absorb the sound and lights and people watching. Collectively this is known now as the Fremont Street Experience.


We enjoyed the free concerts on permanent sound stages that they set up.


When the sky goes dark, that’s when the spectacular canopy lights up with the largest light display in the world. The canopy stretches 4 blocks in all and is lighted by over 10 million LED light bulbs. There are five different light shows every night. All the casino lights were switched off before the show began.


The show was mesmerizing. We only caught one show as we wanted to get back to the hotel before it gets too late. The show we caught was called the American Freedom … it was a very patriotic show.


The tough thing is taking the bus back to The Strip. I should have guessed … everyone will be going for the same limited buses immediately after the show. The bus was absolutely packed and the driver had a tough time getting people not to board. At almost every stop the bus had to stop for 5 minutes to organize everyone. We’re OK because we manage to get seats for ourselves.


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