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Filipino Cuisine: Eggplant Torta

Linda shared a few Filipino recipes in the Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen. Linda loves to cook. She used to do catering for parties but she stopped doing so after she had trouble with her hand. Perhaps due to too much heavy lifting while doing the catering.

The first Filipino dish is called Eggplant Torta or Eggplant Omelet.  This is really great as it is crunchy on the crust and the eggplant inside is very tender. We should have leave the cap intact so that it is more visible as an eggplant like those I saw in Filipino groceries store.


  • 6 long eggplants
  • 6 eggs, beaten slightly
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • Panko breadcrumbs
  • Garlic Plus seasoning (from Costco)

Source: Linda

Prep time: 30 minutes;  Cook time: 20 minutes;  Serves 6


Broil or bake the eggplant in a very hot oven like 450F until egglplants are browned and tender when a knife is inserted.
Peel the eggplants leaving the cap intact.
Season eggplants with Garlic Plus seasoning.
Prepare 3 dredging stations;  flour, beaten eggs and Panko breadcrumbs.
First, dredge the seasoned eggplant in flour on both sides and shaking off excess.
Next, coat the floured eggplant with beaten eggs.
Lastly, coat the eggplant with Panko breadcrumbs generously.
Heat a frying pan with some oil, enough for shallow fry until the pan is hot. Fry the coated eggplant until golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towel lined platter. You may serve these eggplants with a squeeze of lemon juice.
Linda also showed us another method of making eggplant omelet. Cut up the eggplant into small pieces and add to some beaten eggs and seasoned with Garlic Plus seasoning.
Fry the epplant/egg mixture in a frying pan with some oil like you fry an omelet.
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  1. Crispy Lechon says:

    This is my most favorite eggplant dish. Its so easy to make and its very tasty. What I usually do with the eggplant is roast them right on the gas stovetop. I let the skin burn a little bit to get that smokey flavour. I just use egg though and nothing else to fry the roasted eggplant.

    • el_lobo_solo says:

      I’ve had this style many times, and I’m really curious and interested to try the version with panko.

  2. Novi says:

    I’ve never had eggplant this way before and will try it. Thank you Linda for sharing and Chow Times for posting! I’m thinking of using roasted peppers instead of eggplants too.

  3. Pinoy Gourmet says:

    Unfortunately if you use peppers,you wont get the texture that makes this dish so good,But its worth a try

  4. etranger says:

    What’s in Garlic Plus? We don’t have that.

  5. etranger says:

    Thanks Ben! Garlic, red pepper and cornmeal — that’s odd. The cornmeal must be ground really finely to disappear in cooking! I guess I can use less of just garlic powder.

    Hey, we went to Bobby’s Hawaiian again yesterday. We got two orders of the ribs, but we skipped the fried rice! Had a graduation dinner there and we thought of you.

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