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The Best Chinese Dishes in Vancouver

Food Porn!

Here it is … the list of all the award winning Chinese dishes for 2010 … also known as … the Best Chinese Dishes in Vancouver.

A few months ago, Suanne and I wanted to embark on trying every single dishes that won either a gold or silver in the 2010 Chinese Restaurant Award, Critic’s Choice. That is a LOT of dishes. You see, the CRA has 25 categories in all and with two awards given for each category that makes a total of 50 dishes.

Suanne and I thought we could cover it all. But on hindsight, it would have taken one full year to just to try every dish once a week. However, up to this point we only managed to taste 33 of the 50 dishes. So below is the list of all the 50 dishes.

If you see a picture of the dishes, those are the ones we have tried. YOU CAN CLICK ON THE PICTURE AND IT WILL BRING YOU TO THE BLOG POST OF THAT DISH.

There are 14 dishes we have not tried yet (note: 3 of the restaurants closed before we managed to try it). So if you have a blog post or pictures of the ones we had not covered, I would love to include your pictures below with a link to your site or review. Just send it my way and I will update the list below.

I hope this list will be useful for you when you plan to dine out. All the award winning dishes are excellent and you will hardly ever go wrong with them. The problem is there are just too many to choose from!

So without further ado … enjoy … the Best Chinese Dishes in Vancouver 2010.

Cantonese Dim Sum

Mushroom Dumpling
Jade Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Deep-Fried Seafood Dumpling
Empire Chinese Cuisine, Richmond
Northern/Shanghai Dim Sum

Chicken Fenpi Salad
Lin Chinese Cuisine, Vancouver

Daikon Pastry
Shanghai Wonderful, Richmond

Pork Stomach & Gingko Long-boiled Soup
Bamboo Grove Chinese Restaurant, Richmond

Tofu Skin & Bamboo Shoot Soup
Long’s Noodle House, Vancouver

Five Spice Pork Heart
Alvin Garden, Burnaby

Icy Crystal Eggs
Delicious Cuisine, Richmond

Cantonese Noodles

Wonton Noodle Soup
Tsim Chai Noodles, Richmond

Vermicelli in Fish Broth with Fish Balls & Squid Balls
Jubilant Restaurant, Richmond
Northern Noodles

Lamb & Hand-pulled Noodles in Soup
Legendary Noodles, Vancouver

Hand-sliced Noodles with Xingiang Spicy Chicken
Lucky Gate Chinese Restaurant, Coquitlam

Pidan, Pork & Dried Oyster Congee
Congee Noodle House, Vancouver

Hong Kong Style Beef Congee
Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House, Vancouver
Chinese Barbeque

Barbeque Pork
BBQ Master, Richmond

Barbeque Spareribs
Dollar Meat Store, Vancouver

Steamed Chicken with Chili & Fagara
Golden Sichuan Restaurant, Richmond

Grandpa’s Smoked Chicken
Jade Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Barbeque Duck
Red Star Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver

Tea-smoked Duck
Alvin Garden, Burnaby

Roasted Squab
Koon Bo Restaurant, Vancouver

Roasted Squab
Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Ginger, Onion & Beef Hotpot
Lulu Cafe, Coquitlam

Stir-fried Beef with Kimchi
Delicious Cuisine, Richmond

Roast Suckling Pig
Kirin Restaurant, various locations

Shanghai Style Braised Pork
Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant, New Westminster

Stir-fried Spiced Lamb
Grand Honour Restaurant, Vancouver

Lamb Hotpot
Excelsior Chinese Restaurant, Richmond

House Special Crab
Negative Space, Richmond

Rice Cake Crab
Ningtu Restaurant, Vancouver
Alaska King Crab & Lobster

Alaska King Crab Three Ways
Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver & Richmond

Braised Lobster & Taro Noodle Hotpot
Ken’s Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver

Pan-fried Prawns with Soy
Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Sauteed Kung Pao Prawns
Northern Dynasty, Richmond

Fresh Tilapia with Peanuts, Cilantro & Chili
S&W Pepper House, Richmond

Sliced Cod Steamed with Ham & Mushroom
Empire Seafood Restaurant, Richmond
Clams, Oysters and Scallops

Baked Live Pink Scallops
Ken’s Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver

BC Scallops Stuffed with Ham
Jade Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver

Sauteed Geoduck with Mushroom
Yan’s Garden Restaurant, Burnaby

Gold and Silver Geoduck
Shiang Garden Restaurant, Richmond
Food Court

Claypot Ostrich Rice
James Snack Sandpot Rice, Empire Centre, Richmond

Xiao Long Bao
Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine, Burnaby

Congee Hotpot with Yu Fu (Fish Tofu)
Landmark Hotpot House, Vancouver

Fish Meatballs
Sun Tung Kee Hotpot Restaurant, Richmond

Nanhua Tofu
Northern Delicacy, Richmond

Sauteed Vegetables
Overman Chen Restaurant, Richmond

Eight Treasure Sweet Rice
Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House, Vancouver

Nutty Taro Roll
Jade Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver
Most Innovative

Stir-fried Fish Noodle with Enoki Mushroom
Shanghai Village, Vancouver

Sizhi Tofu Dumpling
Northern Delicacy, Richmond
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  1. souggy says:

    Damn, it’s a race against time, eh, Ben? With all them restaurants closing and all!

  2. Eric says:

    “Food porn” LOL I love how well this describes those photos because I definitely get a few foodgasms from looking at them.

  3. Lori MacMullen says:

    I am looking for dim sum south of the port mann bridge in Surrey – anyone?? I LOVE dim sum, heck Chinese food in general and am looking for a place where I can get the quality and flavours from a downtown Vancouver or Richmond restaurant….can anyone offer a recommendation?

  4. LotusRapper says:

    Hey Ben – is there a way you can “sticky” this thread so that it’s always present on the homepage somewhere ? There are often times when I need to brainstorm a place to go with short notice, a place that is famous for a particular dish(es), but the irony of so many restaurants in Greater Vancouver can make it hard to think of one, let alone a shortlist of 2-3.

    • Ben says:

      Hi LotusRapper: Yeah, I am working on yet another tool that will do more than what you suggest. At the meantime, I will perhaps stick it up on the slide deck but I’ll do that when I get home this weekend. Ben

  5. grayelf says:

    I have a new nominee (LOL) — the seaweed fish at Ningtu. Ridiculously good and much better than any other rendition I have tried so far in Vancouver. The research continues and much fun it is.

  6. grayelf says:

    For me, deffo blows the Long’s version out of the water (ooh bad pun). Really large pieces of moist tasty but mild white fish with the seawood on the outside and the thinnest, lightest batter. And that it is served searingly hot and fresh out of the deep fryer with a nice bowl of black vinegar doesn’t hurt :-). So jealous you live nearby…

  7. [...] list. We went to try most of the winning dishes over the course of a few months. We summarized all of the 2010 award winning signature dishes in this blog post. You really got to check that link out … it is a massive 50 dishes all [...]

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