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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Dinner at Purple Cane

Ben and I had the opportunity to meet up with his Boys Brigade buddies. I enjoyed their conversations about their good old days in the brigade. Those happy memories will live in their hearts forever.

We had dinner at Purple Cane, a tea house. Purple Cane serves dishes with tea infusion.

Flower Tea for our drinks. Each flower tea is unique as it’s handmade.

Appetizers: braised peanuts and pickled green papaya.

Duck Wrap.

I like that the sauce is served in a small teapot for easy pouring.

A braised chicken dish served with fried bun. The bun is great to soak up the braising sauce.

Honey Pork.

Even the rice is infused with tea leaves.

I think the above is squid with Nestum (a brand of cereal). The crispy cereal and deep fried basil were really good.

Green beans with radish. The radish adds crunchiness and saltiness to the dish.

Tofu with minced pork.

Prawn with garlic bits.

Beef stew.

Mixed vegetable stir fry.

Dessert: various jelly and pudding. I enjoyed trying lots of variety. To name a few, egg custard, tea infused jello, almond pudding, soy pudding with palm sugar.

Various dessert soup: red bean, pumpkin, peanut, almond, etc.

Deep fried banana and fish fingers.

Mochi with sesame paste, coated with ground peanuts. It was a wonderful dinner.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen says:

    Even as stuffed as I am from Christmas eating, that all looks delish!

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