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Atlanta Day 2: Lunch at Cafe Aquaria

We had lunch at Cafe Aquaria in the Georgia Aquarium for convenience sake.

We shared half a roasted chicken. The roasted chicken was smeared with some sweet chili sauce. Ben had the chicken breast while I had the leg. Ben commented that the breast was dry but mine was ok.

The roasted chicken was served with fries. Ben had most of them.

I would rather have a dessert. I had a chocolate eclaires. Our bill came to USD16.63.

After lunch, we continued our exploration in the Georgia Aquarium. We came across a very playful oster playing with a plastic tube. It kept knocking the tube against the tank.

I had to crawl under the tank to get this photo taken with the penguins.

We also visited the reptiles section. The colour of nature is certainly amazing.

Last but not least, the lionfish which has become an invasive species along the east coast of United States. Lionfish is native to Indo-Pacific.

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