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London Day 2: Tower Bridge Exhibition

After the visit to the Tower of London, we decided to use the ticket in the London Pass to visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

It was a rainy day as you can see the bridge was wet.

Lining up for the lift to the exhibition. It’s 300 steps to the the top of the towers. We walked down the stairs after visiting the exhibitions on the walkways.

The east side of the bridge exhibits the bridge’s history and displays of famous bridges in the world. The west side of the bridge has exhibits of the Olympics.

Tourists are more interested of the stunning river views from the catwalk.

View of Southwark under grey sky.

HMS Belfast which we will visit later.

An archive photo of the Tower Bridge in construction.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition also includes a tour to the engine rooms.

Huge machinery in the engine room.

The Tower Bridge was powered by steam engine until 1976 before the system was electrified for raising the roadway for big ships to pass through or for special historic occasions.

End of the tour of the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

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