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London Day 7: Hampton Court Palace – Part 2

Hampton Court was built in 1514 by Cardinal Wolsey. It was originally built as Wolsey’s riverside country house. Wolsey is an Archbishop of York to Henry VIII.

The architecture of Hampton Court is of Tudor era with turrets, gables and chimneys.

Gargoyles decorated the front entrance of Hampton Court Palace. The above is a  dragon gargoyle.

A Lion gargoyle.

The doorway leading to the Base Court.

The view from the front entrance looking west.

Decorative vaulted ceiling.

A Wine Fountain re-created in the Base Court.

Stained glass window in Henry VIII’s Great Hall. Great Hall was the most important room of the palace during Tudor times. This is where the King would dine in state seated at a table upon a raised platform.

Stained glass windows in the Great Watching Chamber.

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