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Penang Fall 2012: Goodies from Penang

Both of Ben’s aunts visited us at the hotel around 10PM to pass us some Penang goodies for us to bring back to Kuala Lumpur to share with Ben’s families. They got the best of the goodies from their favaourite stalls. They are very sweet. Thank you so much.

Not sure of the name in English; direct translation from the Chinese name is Sun Cookie.

Heong Peah.

Another version of Heong Peah; Penang style.

The Penang version Heong Peah is filled with brown sugar.

Tambun Cookies or Penang Tau Sar Peah; another Penang native product.

These are filled with a savory mung bean paste.

Tau Sar Peah from another brand.

Beh Teh Saw; similar to Heong Peah; this is filled with a sugary sticky filing.

Coconut Biscuit.

I think we bought the above while we were in Kuala Lumpur. It is a combination of Nescafe coffee and Milo.

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  1. Chris says:

    We bought similar stuff when we were in Pg. Biggest mistake was durian flavoured coffee….AWFUL!!!

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