89 Degrees Wonderful House Restaurant on Kingsway, Burnaby

LR organized a mini chowdown at 89 degrees Shanghai Fusion Cuisine. Attendees included retired food blogger Karl of The Friday Lunch and Dennis the Foodie and missus (Wendy).


89 degrees Shanghai Fusion Cuisine is a family run restaurant.


I like the signage stands outside the restaurant which are loaded with pictures.


We left the ordering to Karl as he seems to be quite a regular here.


Menu with photos is always a good thing.


A table full of food. Here are what Karl ordered. Continue reading

Main Island Cafe on Kingsway, Burnaby

Ben was off work on a Friday, in replacement for him working on Thanksgiving day. We planned to go for lunch at Saffron Indian Cuisine. Arkensen and Nanzaro love Indian food, so they did not protest even we had to drive across the bridge.

By the time we reached Burnaby, it was past noon and that was a busy lunch hour, especially on a Friday. The wait at Saffron is going to be long and we can’t predict the wait by looking at the tables because it is a buffet setting.


So, Ben suggested the Main Island Cafe a few doors away. It is one of his favourite lunch spot.


Main Island Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant specializes in noodles soup, especially fish noodle soup like the one below.


Well, this is not our order, but the server delivered it wrongly to our table.


This is what I ordered; oiled noodle with Malay laksa broth. The broth was relatively spicy although it does look red. Continue reading

Gingeri Chinese Cuisine in Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

I met up with my ex-colleague and husband (R&D) for dim sum at Gingeri Chinese Cuisine. They are now residing in Nanaimo and they seldom come over the Vancouver. I’m so happy to meet up with them.


We picked Gingeri for dim sum for the ease of parking in Lansdowne Mall. The photo menu is definitely a great help in ordering.


D is Caucasian and he loves typical dim sum items like Steamed BBQ Pork Bun.


Steamed Prawn Dumpling was of good size. Continue reading

Bubble Tea Shop on No. 3 Road, Richmond

Ben and I went to the Real Canadian Superstore to get groceries in an afternoon, around 3PM.


We had wanted to try the Bubble Tea Shop at the corner of the Real Canadian Supertore but it’s either we were there in the morning when they are not open yet or there are too many people in the shop. This place opens from 12PM to 10PM.

This day, we were surprised to see the shop was empty around 3PM. So, we decided to return our shopping cart and have a dessert to share first.


The shop was decorated with Halloween decor as it’s near Halloween.


Besides dessert and drinks, the shop also sell a lot of cute comic character keychains, memorabilia, toys, gifts, etc.


This is a self service place. You order and pay at the counter and pick up your order when your number in your receipt is called. You are expected to return the trays to a designated area too. Continue reading

Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

On a Saturday morning, Ben brought us to Parker Place for dim sum. His first choice was Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant but there was already a long line waiting for tables. So, we decided not to wait. Ben is also not keen on Ningbo Seafood Restaurant as he was craving for pure Cantonese dim sum.


So, we walked over to Tak Heng Hot Pot Restaurant. This restaurant was big and we did get a table immediately.


Pleasant cutlery with table cloth setting.


It was difficult to get the server to bring us some chili sauce as they were always busy. So, Ben and Nanzaro helped themselves from a counter near the reception.


I picked the above Pan Fried Chive Dumpling as I remembered they were good the last time I had it here. The boys agreed. Continue reading

Sanbo Restaurant in Brighouse Square, Richmond

Our family had dinner at Sanbo Chinese Restaurant on a weekend.


We were there early like just after 5PM. There is no problem getting a table.


The restaurant filled up quickly and reservation is recommended if you decide to eat at peak hour like 6:00 to 8:00PM.


We had half of their Famous Chicken. The chicken is tender and the special sauce tastes good. Continue reading

The Urban Tea Merchant on Georgia St., Vancouver

Polly, Whitney and I had the opportunity to meet up on a week day afternoon as they were both off work.

When coming to going to downtown, I usually meet up with Polly at the Bridgeport Skystation. On this day, Polly was almost an hour late as she could not find a parking at the River Rock parking. She drove around the parking lot for almost an hour before she can find a spot. Can you imagine that?


We met up with Whitney for high tea at The Urban Tea Merchant. Whitney had not had a high tea for years.


Teapots decor. How appropriate.


Complimentary tea.


We had two Traditional Tea Set and a Brunch Tea Set. Continue reading

Top Shanghai at Akroyd, Richmond

I am taking a break from our Chicago travel series. Back to local dining for a week.

Lorna and I went for lunch at the Akroyd strip mall after our hair cut on a weekday.


We went to Top Shanghai as it was not busy yet since it was just about noon on a week day. Top Shanghai is popular and if you come at peak hour, you will likely have to wait for a table.

We had the the Xiao Loong Bao which was a typical Shanghai dim sum. It was juicy but they did not have as much juice as they should be.


We also shared a noodle soup (can’t recall it’s English name). The broth was thickish and it came with shrimp, chicken and vegetables like wood ear, mushroom, etc.


The server also recommended another Shanghai dim sum which is Sticky Rice Siew Mai. They were very filling but we expect them to look better as the photo in the menu does not look like these.


Credit card is accepted here.

Top Shanghai Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Comfort Food at Tsim Chai, Richmond

This post consists of two meals a while ago.


Complimentary soup of pork bones with carrot and green carrot. The complimentary soup is not bad as it is usually cooked for a long time.


Seasonal vegetable (in this case, it’s Chinese broccoli) with beef. The beef were tender.


Seafood and seasonal vegetable with E-Fu noodle. Ginger and green onions go well with seafood.


Spicy Long Bean with Minced Meat is our boys favourite vegetable dish.


A pan-fried fish dish with soy sauce. I can’t recall the exact menu name. It was great except there was not a lot of meat.

IMG_2327 Continue reading

The Grille Restaurant at Country Meadows Golf Club, Richmond

Emily H organized a get-to-gather upon her return trip from Taiwan. She suggested The Grille Restaurant at Country Meadows Golf Club in Richmond as her son used to play here.


It was a great day to be out as the sun is out after several gloomy and rainy days. Many golfers were out too as the parking lot was quite full.


We were there when the restaurant just open, so we were able to secure a window seat.


The view of the golf course from our seat.


The decor is quite rustic.


I ordered the Original Meadows Burger with an upgrade of french fries to yam fries. It was a big burger and quite messy to eat. The yam fries costs $1.50 more. Continue reading