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Chili Pepper House on Kingsway

It was one of those weekends that we had absolutely nothing to do. Normally, we had something planned for the weekend but for that one week we did not have anything planned at all. Since we had all the time in the world, we decided to drive a bit further from Richmond. So, we drove all the way to Vancouver … to Kingsway and Rupert.

The Chili Pepper House is an Indian-Chinese restaurant. I think the owner’s background is that they are Chinese who once lived in Indian. Since this is an Indian restaurant, we knew that their food would be spicy.


We immediately liked this place because the owners were so friendly and spent a lot of time chatting with us, even offering to tell us more about their restaurant. I believe it is because they saw my camera! Some restaurants (some, not many) had a disdain for cameras but not this one.

The Chili Pepper House is actually more Chinese than it is Indian. They call it “Fine Indian (Desi) Style Chinese Cuisine”. Their top dishes are all spicy. One thing though, they do not serve pork at all. I am curious why they don’t serve pork. I had always thought that you don’t get beef in Indian restaurants and no pork in Muslim or Jewish restaurants.

Anyway, we did notice that they have more East Indian customers.


Scouring their menu, we came across a dish that sounded really nice … Five Treasure with Chicken, Beef, Prawns, Scallops and Squid. What came was not exactly what we had in mind. It’s like sauce stir fried with the ingredients. It’s not that it’s not good … it was but the dish was underwhelming. It costs $14.95.


The Beef with Black Sauce does seem exactly the same as the Five Treasure! It seems like it’s almost the same type of sauce and stir fried with beef instead. I must say that the sauce is simply marvelous and goes very well with steamed rice. This one costs $8.50.


He he he … the Fried Tofu with Mushroom is quite similar with the earlier dishes. It seems like the same type of sauce but with mushrooms over deep fried tofu. The tofu is crispy and again, the sauce is great with steamed rice. $8.75 … not bad.


The total check came up to $43 including tips and taxes. Despite having four people, we could not finish it and had it packed to go. One thing we noticed that we don’t see much in other restaurants … pick-up is 15% off the menu price. That’s why we see quite a few people taking out.

If you like spicy food, you should check this out.

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Green Lettuce in Vancouver

I organized a going away lunch for two people who worked on my project team. It’s sad to see people leave but at the same time you know that projects being what they are, people don’t get to work permanently together for very long.


Since there were quite a bit of people going, I thought that we should try some Asian style lunch where we order dishes to share. For these types of meals, the more people you have the more you could varieties you could order.

So we went to the Green Lettuce which is basically sort of a Chinese-Indian fusion restaurant … although I think the word “fusion” is not exactly what it really describes. It more of a Chinese restaurant with East Indian cooking and ingredients. It’s like 2/3 Chinese and 1/3 Indian. Be prepared … this restaurant specializes in spicy food.


I did not even make a reservation even though we have 17 people in all. I was pretty confident that if we were there early (11:45AM), they can accommodate us. We were lucky actually because there was another big party who booked for lunch that day. Close call! They managed to accommodate us by seating us together since we were earlier than the other group who had their group scattered across several tables.


We left the ordering to the other side of the long table and so I had no idea what or how much were being ordered. So, I am pretty much making guess work on what it is we had. Well, the ones below is wonton soup. It was really good ones … big and meaty. The broth was great too.


There is also the sour and spicy soup. I noticed that the Caucasians stayed away from this but simply love wontons. The Asians like this.


Some noodles dishes. Since we had so many people, we had the chance to order two of each … one spicy and the other non-spicy.


So, how do we know which version is spicy? Well, they have a chili sticking out from the middle. I find that kind of unique and creative of the restaurant.


I have no idea what this is but as you can see the sauce is simple great with rice.


Another dish, I had no idea what it is. I don’t even care to ask what it is … everything looked so good.


Looking the the pictures now, it appears that everything looked almost the same … dark brown sauce on some meat with peppers.


Yummy …


This is my favourite … prawns and really spicy too. It’s a bit moist which is great when you smear it on rice.


Everyone enjoyed the meal. A true testament of a truly enjoyable meal is when people are sweating profusely from all the spicy food! It was so good, I heard that some of the guys actually went back to this same place for lunch despite it being a 10 minute drive from the office. I guess it is that good … you should go.

Just one last word … for Moe and Chix. It’s been great working with you both and everyone is truly impressed with your work. Well, you know you’ve done well when you see some of the panics people had when they hear of you both moving on. I know you’ll do well wherever you go to next. Like I always said … “As long as you have a good head on your shoulders and a good heart, you’ll be successful in wherever you end up”. It’s a small world … who knows there’s another project we would be working together again.

And for those of you who wants to known the direction to this place, their website is here. They are on the intersection of Victoria and Kingsway in Vancouver.

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