Spicy Master in Richmond Public Market

Richmond Public Market is decorated with red decor to usher the Chinese New Year, just like every Chinese mall in Richmond.


We went to the Richmond Public Market for dinner on a weekend. It was not busy at that time, around 7PM as most of the stores in the lower floor had closed or in the process of closing for the day.


Nanzaro decided to try a new store in the Richmond Public Market. Spicy Master serves mala xianggoa just like Want Want Hot & Spicy House in Yaohan.


You select the ingredients that you like and is charged by the weight.


Perhaps, it’s new, the server told us that we can select a free appetizer from the menu above. The free ones are all those on the second row and the right most on the third row. Continue reading

Cherry Tea & Icy Bar in Crystal Mall Food Court

After having lunch at Ali Shan Restaurant, we walked over to Crystal Mall for dessert.


We found a dessert stall called Cherry Tea & Icy Bar in the ever busy food court.


I wanted something hot and Cherry Tea & Icy Bar has a bill board of hot dessert.


I opted for the Cha Cha Soup which I assumed it to be Bubur Cha Cha in Malaysian cuisine. The Malaysian version is typically made with sweet potatoes, taro and tapioca jelly. But the version here is made of peanuts, mochi, red and green beans, kidney beans and tapioca pearl. It was not bad. The large bowl costs $3.75.

Cherry Fruit Juice & Icy Bar on Urbanspoon

Yummy Yummy in Parker Place Foodcourt

Ben and I went for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Ben gave me a choice of McDonalds or Lido. I picked Lido as I would prefer a hot pineapple bun over a cold muffin. I like sweet stuff for breakfast. Ben prefers savoury breakfast.

When we arrived at Lido, we were surprised that the parking lot was so empty. Lido was locked up; the door handle was covered with a basket. I went down to look at all the notices on the door and found out that Lido is closed from Oct 14th to 31st for renovation.


So, I suggested to go to Parker Place food court which is just nearby. A few of the stalls were opened at this early hour. We settled with Yummy Yummy for our breakfast.


All the breakfast selection comes with a drink. Both of us opted for hot milk tea. All the above for $8.50. Continue reading

Yaohan Foodcourt, Richmond

It was a hot Friday. In fact, BC is having a heat wave for another week. Cooking in the kitchen is just going to add more heat in the house. So, Ben decided to go out for a walk. He wanted to check out the new Chinese Supermarket in Richmond, For Real Fresh Foodmart. It is spacious but parking is a nightmare with only one entry/exit point.


After checking out For Real Fresh Foodmart we decided to have dinner at Yaohan foodcourt. After browsing all the stalls, I settled with Lumingchun which serves Xian cuisine.


I had a spicy lamb noodle soup for $7.50. It has clumps of ground lamb, red and green sweet peppers and lots of onions. It was fairly spicy. A deposit of $3 is added to the bill for the deposit of the bowl and refundable upon return of it.


I like the texture of the handmade noodle and their chili which is quite fragrant.


Ben decided to get a two dishes combo from Chung Hing stall for $7. He had braised beef with bean curd sticks and some drumsticks. Instead of rice, he had the combo with fried noodles.

Chun Hing on UrbanspoonLumingchun on Urbanspoon

Macau Cafe at Parker Place, Richmond

Ben wanted a savoury breakfast on a Saturday morning. So, we went to Parker Place as there are not many places are opened around 8:00AM.


Parker Place foodcourt was almost full even at this early hour. Only three stalls were opened; Macau Cafe, a HongKong style cafe and a Vietnamese stall.


We decided to go for Macau Cafe because Ben wanted fried vermicelli. The above is Macau style fried vermicelli which has prawns, BBQ pork, green and red sweet pepper, carrot, green onion, onion. This is just what Ben wanted. The combo with a drink is $7.50. Continue reading

Fu Yuan Fast Food at Richmond Public Market

Ben and I were at the Richmond Public Market shopping for ingredients to make Bak Kut Teh for his office potluck. We decided to grab a bite at the food court.


Fu Yuan Fast Food is one store that decorated the store front with color photos of it’s menu. I think this is a great way to advertise and attract customers.


Ben ordered a Spicy Wonton for snacking. It is $5.50.


The wonton is small with lots of wonton skin to absorb the lightly vinegarish chili oil. Continue reading

Want Want Hot & Spicy House at Crystal Mall

Ben brought me to Crystal Mall for lunch on one of the weekend that he was in town. He knew that I’m too lazy to drive all the way to Burnaby by myself.


The new item in the Want Want Hot & Spicy House stall caught our attention. They serve dry hot pot now. Yeah, my favourite dish.


You pick the ingredients and it is charged by weight. Although the poster above said minimum order is 300g, I remembered the server told us the minimum order is 400g. Besides the ingredients, you have a choice on the main to go with it; ranges from rice to various noodles. You also have a choice of the level of spiciness.


Our plate above came to $11.20. My choice of main was broad potato noodles and the second highest spiciness which is “da la”. Continue reading

XO Beef Noodle in Yaohan Foodcourt, Richmond

It’s comfort food time. We went to the Yaohan food court for some simple comfort food. Nanzaro wanted to have the Spicy Lamb Noodle from Want Want Hot & Spicy House in the foodcourt.


I decided to try a relatively new stall called XO Beef Noodle. It serves Vietnamese style food.


It also has a section of prepared dishes.


I decided to go for their combo for $7.50 which includes a hot drink of coffee or tea. Continue reading

Saboten, Aberdeen Food Court in Richmond

Arkensen had a birthday lunch at Ninkazu and he is supposed to meet up with his friends at the Aberdeen Mall. So, Nanzaro and I decided to have lunch at Aberdeen food court after we dropped Arkensen off.


I decided to try out Saboten Japanese Cutlet, a relatively new addition to the food court. Since it’s opening, I had seen long line up the couple of occasions I was at the food court. I hate line up and so, I did not bother to try the food the couple of times I was at there.

This time, there is no line at all.


I ordered the Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich which came pre-packed. The moment I placed the order, the sandwich was packed in a plastic bag and handed to me even before I managed to get my purse out.

The Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich came in three pieces of about 3.5″x1.5″x1.5″ dimension. The pork tenderloin is crispy on the outside with a slightly tangy sauce. It was good except that it is very small.


The Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich is $5.32 with tax.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

As for Nanzaro, I could not persuade him to order something from Saboten. He wanted to pick his own food. Continue reading