Kung Fu Noodle on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Marian and I intended to buy Lorna lunch at a new noodle restaurant in Alexandra Road to celebrate her birthday.


King Fu Noodle is located next to Cattle Cafe which we just blogged not long ago.


We were the first customers there at 11:00AM on a week day. The seating is not cramp.


Their menu is complete with photos.


Marian was in-charged of ordering as she had dined here before. The above was Red-Cooked Chicken in the appetizer section. It was served cold and had five spice flavour. This is $4.99.


The second appetizer we ordered was Shredded Potato with Chili for $3.59. It was not very spicy but had a vinegarish taste and a crunchy texture. Continue reading

New Asia Deli at Continental Plaza, Richmond

Ben drove to the Continental Plaza for lunch without a designated restaurant in mind. We saw that the Deer Garden was very busy, with people waiting for tables while Pearl Castle was not that busy.


But the boys wanted Vietnamese on a cold day and we went to New Asia Deli. The restaurant was cold especially when the door is opened and a blast of cold air fills the dining room.


The usual fixings of bean sprouts and basil were served on different plates. In the middle of our meal, the server came over to take back the basil plate as she noticed that we did not touch it at all. Perhaps, for recycling. She said she wanted to clear the table for us.


Nanzaro ordered the Pho Bo Hue for $7.95. This does not come with blood cake which we do not mind as we never eat it. Continue reading

Sanbo Restaurant at Brighouse Square, Richmond

Ever since Excelsior Restaurant is taken over by Sanbo Restaurant, we had been putting off the idea of going there.


Ben jokingly commented that the kingcrabs on the restaurant banner looks like spiders.


We had lunch here on a Saturday afternoon. Sanbo is a Hong Kong style restaurant, just like it’s predecessor. Hot drink is included in the lunch order but cold drink  is charged 0.95 cents extra.


I ordered a wonton noodle soup as I wanted a light meal. I noticed that the noodle soup comes with a lot of garlic chips just like those served at Excelsior. Continue reading

Park Here Seafood Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

Ben has the crave for dim sum lately. It’s a good place to have a variety of food in small plates.


This dim sum restaurant is on Kingsway where Vietnamese restaurants dominated the scene. Park Here Seafood Restaurant is a Vietnamese Dim Sum restaurant as the signboard below indicates.


Park Here is just a direct mimic of the phonetic of its Chinese name which literally translated to hundred happiness.


We ascertained that it’s a Vietnamese Dim Sum restaurant because the man who managed the counter speaks Vietnamese and Cantonese.


There are life fish in tanks in view from the dining hall as this is a seafood restaurant.


After browsing at the dim sum menu above, Ben decided to order all the three dishes with a star denominator. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The first star item is Beef Tendon Brisket with Rice Flour Roll from the kitchen specialties. Continue reading

Cattle Cafe on Alexandra Road, Richmond

We have not been back to Cattle Cafe for a long time. Ben occasionally had lunch at Cattle Cafe at Metrotown. He thinks we’ll like the menu as Cattle Cafe is not just about the pick your self noodle.


He thinks we’ll like the menu as Cattle Cafe is not just about the pick your self noodle.


Cattle Cafe is not as busy when it first opens here.


Nanzaro ordered the Curry Boneless Chicken with Rice for $9.59. He likes boneless meat. The curries menu includes a hot drink. Continue reading

Star Anise Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

On Boxing Day, Nanzaro hanged out with us for shopping in Metrotown. Ben suggested to go for dim sum again and he agreed.


We went to Star Anise Restaurant, the former location of Samosa Garden.


The restaurant is nicely decorated and seating is not tide.


The first thing after seated down is to order tea. I ordered Chrysanthemum tea this time.


The order chit is fancy, with colour photo of the dish. We like it. Continue reading

Old Xian’s Food on Alexandra Road, Richmond

When Ben told me that there is a new Xian restaurant in Richmond via Tiffanie’s of Eating Club Vancouver posting on facebook, I told Ben to go there the next day. It brings back memory of our trip to Xian. Before this discovery, the place I can find Xian food is at the Richmond Public Market.


Old Xian’s Food is located between Deer Garden and Haroo, the only strip mall where restaurants are found on the second level on Alexandra Road.


The poster in front of restaurant immediately brings back memory of the Biang Biang Noodle we had at Xian.


The restaurant was not busy when we were there on a Sunday afternoon. The wall is decorated with some very colourful art.


The menu is simple, just a one page menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Ben ordered the Lamb Meat in Soup for $9.75. Continue reading

Qoo Cafe on Granville St, Vancouver

We found a new Hong Kong style cafe on Granville St., Vancouver.


The English name is Qoo Cafe while it’s Chinese name in Cantonese is “Mai Ji Lin” (from my limited Chinese knowledge) which sounded like michelin to me, :-)


What I like about this place is that it does not feel cramp. I also like the music video displaying on the TV which I had a direct view. It’s a concert by Joey Yung.


We ordered two dishes to share. The above is the Penang Fried Koey Teow. Continue reading

Golden Swan Restaurant on Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Ben and I went out for brunch during his “staycation”. He has to clear his annual leave and we do not have a plan to travel. So, he calls it staycation, i.e. stay home vacation.


We did not plan to come here but an early destination was either not open yet or we were not able to find a parking spot. And fate is there is just a parking spot right in front of Golden Swan Restaurant.


Typical decor for a Chinese restaurant. The decor is very common for Chinese wedding celebration.


It’s a good thing there are dim sum on carts served here.

Golden Swan Menu (1)Golden Swan Menu (2)

You can order dim sum special and lunch special from the menu above, but we did not even check it out as all our items were from the cart or served by server who brings out food fresh from the kitchen. Continue reading

Set Lunch at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

What better than hot pot in a cold winter day, with arctic chill?


Ben and I went to Little Sheep Hot Pot for lunch yesterday. We were there early, around 11:30AM and the place was not busy yet.


It felt a bit strange when water is served instead of Chinese tea.


We did not care much about the water because the lunch set which we ordered came with a cold plum drink.


The above was the deluxe set for $14.99. It has meat, fish slices and prawns. Continue reading