$68 Lobster Combo Dinner at Tasty Kitchen on Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben wanted “chow choy” for dinner although the boys only wanted sushi or Vietnamese.

After browsing through Urbanspoon.com, he found a new restaurant on Capstan Way called Tasty Kitchen.


We noticed the offer of lobster combo with 2 dishes for $68 posted on Tasty Kitchen and Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine (next door). We asked the boys which restaurant they would like to pick and Nanzaro picked Tasty Kitchen because he saw the free wifi signage on the door.


We went for the lobster combo with the choice of ginger and green onion stir fry.


We added the “yee mien” option for an additional of $8. It was a big serving. We were surprised that Arkensen seemed to enjoy the lobster because he does not like anything with shell and bones. He seemed to master the art of picking the flesh out from the claw and he loves the big chunk of lobster meat. We are glad that he likes it. Continue reading

Alleluia Cafe, Richmond Central

Ben suggested to go to Alleluia Cafe for dinner on a Saturday as we have not been back to this restaurant for a long while.


Ben recommended the Stewed Lamb in Russian Spicy Sauce for me as he knows that I love lamb. This is $8.95.


Some of the lamb pieces were bone in. The sauce is a tomato base sauce with very little hint of spiciness. Not my preference of taste. Perhaps, I should have pick the lamb curry. The lamb were tender though.


The meal came with a drink as a feature of HongKong style cafe. I had hot milk tea while the rest of the family had ice milk tea. Continue reading

Post Run Lunch at Urban Grill & Urban Sushi

After the Scotia Bank Half Marathon, Nanzaro went for lunch by himself. He wanted sushi and found Urban Grill & Urban Sushi on Granville St.


He had one of the combo. He can’t recall what it’s called. It is made of 2 Tuna Sushi, 2 Salmon Sushi and California Roll.


It also comes with a Salmon Maki Roll.


He also ordered a Miso Soup to go with the sushi. Nanzaro said the sushi is decent and he felt that it is pricey. The bill came to $12 plus. For that price, he can have all you can eat at Ninkazu.

Urban Grill & Urban Sushi on Urbanspoon

Dinner at Lido Restaurant

Nanzaro needed something light for dinner before his run the next morning. He had carbo-loaded himself with Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice from the Richmond Public Market at lunch.


We tried our luck at the parking lot where Lido is and luck was with us. The wait for a table was just a few minutes. It must be our lucky day.

We opted for the large Claypot Rice with a combination of salted fish with minced pork and chicken with mushroom.


It was a very large serving; definitely good for at least 3 people.


The best part of the claypot rice; the crust. Continue reading

Father’s Day Lunch in between World Cup Soccer Matches

Weekend eating out in June 2014 is limited to the time in between soccer matches. How crazy is your household about the FIFA 2014 World Cup?


So, for the Father’s Day lunch, Ben decided to go the nearby Specialty Chicken & Wonton House for a quick meal. Since we were there early, there was no wait and we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. The parking lot at this area is notorious especially in the weekend.

Ben took charge of the order since it’s Father’s day. The first dish was his favourite pea tips with fresh bean curd. which came in a broth. It is always pricey to have pea tips and this one was $18.80.


Our meal came with a free soup of the day which was not necessary because Ben ordered a soup too. The soup of the day is a vegetable soup made with fresh and preserved bok choy.


The second dish that Ben ordered was Honey Garlic Ribs. It was fried crispy and it came piping hot. The only person who did not have this was Arkensen. He shied off food with lots of bones. This is $13.80. Continue reading

Macau Cafe at Parker Place, Richmond

Ben wanted a savoury breakfast on a Saturday morning. So, we went to Parker Place as there are not many places are opened around 8:00AM.


Parker Place foodcourt was almost full even at this early hour. Only three stalls were opened; Macau Cafe, a HongKong style cafe and a Vietnamese stall.


We decided to go for Macau Cafe because Ben wanted fried vermicelli. The above is Macau style fried vermicelli which has prawns, BBQ pork, green and red sweet pepper, carrot, green onion, onion. This is just what Ben wanted. The combo with a drink is $7.50. Continue reading

Lunch Special from Meishan Restaurant at Crystal Mall

Ben brought me to one of his recent favourite lunch place at Crystal Mall for lunch on a Saturday. We went alone because the boys slept in on weekend.


Meishan is not busy even on week day. Perhaps there are lots of cheaper alternative at the food court.


We were there quite early, about 11:00AM and we were their first customers of the day.


We ordered from their lunch special which is $7.95. The above is Stir-fried Sliced Pork with Tofu and Cabbage. There is a side of spicy vinegarish cold bean sprout.  The amount of rice was humongous; at least 2 regular bowls of rice. Continue reading

Noodles from Beijing Noodle House

The boys slept in on Sunday. Ben and I went out for early lunch before going for groceries shopping.


We went to Beijing Noodle House for some light lunch. Ben ordered a Beef Noodle Soup. Although the beef had layers of fat but it is still a little tough for me. Ben enjoyed the noodle which has the right amount of chewiness. The beef noodle soup is $7.50.


I had a Lamb Noodle Soup which is $8.50. I can taste the lamb flavour in the broth. This is pretty good. Continue reading

Lunch at Szechuan Delicious Restaurant

On a Saturday afternoon, Ben brought the family to Szechuan Delicious Restaurant on No. 3 Road for lunch. He used the excuse that the lunch was for mum to shut out Arkensen’s protest.


First, an appetizer of Saliva Chicken. The serving looked big for $7.95.


Actually, the bottom of the bowl was filled with bean sprout which I do not mind. Ben loves the sauce so much that he asked to pack the leftover home. Any one has a recipe of this sauce to share?


From the chef recommendation list, Slice Lamb with Cumin. I do not quite like this version which is dry and has a powdery texture and the accompaniment of lots of onions, sweet peppers and celery. I would prefer it to be cooked with green onions. This is $12.95. Continue reading

Pho Khang Vietnamese Restaurant at Broadmoor Village, Richmond

Pho Khang is another new Vietnamese restaurant that pops up in Richmond.


Pho Khang opened on April 28 and offers 15% discount until May 15. Nanzaro and I visited Pho Khang just in time before the discount expire.


It was a good size restaurant; much bigger than we anticipated as the previous tenant was a Fish & Chip take out restaurant with no proper sit down tables.


I ordered the Khang House special Vermicelli for $8.75. It has spring rolls, minced pork and grilled lemongrass chicken (pork is also available). The grilled chicken does not have the charred factor. Continue reading