Thai Son Revisited

Our boys wish is granted, Vietnamese dinner. We debated whether to go to Green Lemongrass, Pho Lan or Thai Son. I voted for Thai Son because we have not been back to this restaurant for a long time.


Ben ordered his favourite Bun Bo Hue which is also Thai Son signature dish. Large is $8.50. Just to see how much prices for eating out has increase; the same dish was $6.50 in 2008.


Arkensen ordered his favourite No.1 house special combination beef  rice noodle soup. Large is either $8.15 or $8.50, I think (I did not keep the bill after paying). Back then in 2008, it was $5.95. Continue reading

Birthday Dinner at New Spicy Chili Restaurant

April is Ben’s birthday. We celebrated his birthday on a belated date because he was busy at work.


The birthday boy picked sichuan although Arkensen wanted Vietnamese. The birthday boy said he can over rule everybody. We had dinner at New Spicy Chili Restaurant. The birthday boy also picked all the dishes.

The above is a Fresh Chili Lamb dish. There is option for beef but lamb is our favourite meat. This is $18.99. It was very spicy with the generous amount of Thai chili.

The lamb slices sat on top of a pile of bean sprouts and enoki mushrooms. This is the best dish of the whole meal.


Double cooked pork belly with sweet peppers is $15.99. It also has leeks, tofu and celery. The fermented black beans add a nice flavour to this spicy dish. Continue reading

Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine at Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben and I drove around Capstan Way looking for a place to have lunch after groceries shopping at Costco.


We found a new restaurant by the name Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine. So, without a doubt we gave it a try.


Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine has taken over the East Fusion Food which was in business not long. The exhaust pipe for hot pot (previous owner before East Fusion Food) are covered up with Chinese decor now.


Upon seated down, we noticed a promotional item on the table; Chicken, rice and soup for $3.95. Of course we would love to try this.


We ordered the Drunken Chicken version which was quite nice except quite bony. Continue reading

Sura Korean BBQ in Aberdeen Mall, Richmond

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I got together again after a few months not seeing each other.


We decided to try the new Sura Korean BBQ at Aberdeen Mall.


The setting is traditional Korean with cushion bench and metal cutleries.


We ordered the $15 set (minimum 2 orders) and a Ginseng Chicken Soup to share among 4 or us. However, the server insisted that we ordered another item since there were 4 or us. So, we added a Japchae. Continue reading

Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant on Alexandra Road

Ben, Nanzaro and I went out for lunch on a Sunday afternoon as Arkensen wanted to sleep in during weekends.


We took the opportunity to go to Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant which Arkensen refuses to go to since it took over his favourite Hong Kong style restaurant, Kam Do Bakery and Restaurant.


The restaurant has been nicely renovated but strangely it does not look as big. Perhaps, it’s due to the use of round tables.


I ordered the Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup to share with Ben as I saw many tables have it. It came with 5 golf ball size shrimp wontons. Continue reading

The One Cafe on No. 3 Road

Ben wanted Hong Kong style cuisine for dinner. It’s been a long while since we last visited The One across the Brighouse skytrain station simply because of it’s very limited parking.


Ben, Arkensen and I shared two dishes since Arkensen was not really hungry. One of the dishes which Ben ordered was Curry Lamb with rice. It was kind of weird to have lamb slices for curry. I always associate curry with chunks of meat and not meat in thin slices. The lamb flavour was not pronounced, perhaps over powered by the spices in the curry.


Since Arkensen likes baked rice, Ben ordered a Baked Portuguese Chicken on Rice. This was sweetish with a strong coconut flavour. There were tomatoes and onions in the curry with chunks of boneless chicken. Arkensen was surprised that this was served with steam rice on the side and not with fried rice under the curry. Continue reading

Pho Queen Restaurant on Capstan Way, Richmond

Our boys wanted Vietnamese for lunch. We were at Costco before lunch and we went to scour the nearby neighbourhood for a Vietnamese restaurant.


We intended to try the newish Pho Ho on Sexsmith but we went to the wrong strip mall and ended up at Pho Queen.


The restaurant is spacious and not too busy since we were there before noon.


The bean sprout came out first as usual. They were blanched as we could see steam coming out from the plate.


Arkensen always get the special beef noodle soup, large for $7.50. The Pho Queen Special comes with rare beef, well done flank, tendon,tripe and beef meatballs. Continue reading

Beijing Noodle House on Buswell Road, Richmond

This was the first dining out meal after Ben returned from Beijing. Ironically, he picked Beijing Noodle House.


The Cumin Lamb ($14.95) is for the boys as they love this dish here. It’s just pure deep fried lamb with cumin without the contamination of vegetables.


The Stir Fried Green Beans ($12.95) is also the boys pick. The two vegetables that they like is green beans and egg plant. The green bean dish has some crispy ground pork, onion, green and red sweet peppers and chili pepper. The rest of the vegetables were cut small, so the boys do not mind.


Ben ordered the Chinese Burgers ($5) with pork for Nanzaro to try. The order comes in two. They were quite dry. Not a fan. Continue reading

Strike on Garden City Road, Richmond

When I asked my boys where to go for lunch on one of the weekend while Ben is away, Nanzaro wanted to give Strike another try.


We had attempted to dine here a couple of times but parking was impossible. This time we came for late lunch, past 1:30PM and we managed to find a parking spot.


The restaurant was not very busy at this hour. Service was prompt.


Arkensen ordered the traditional Taiwanese meat sauce on rice. It came with 3 sides, pickled cabbage and a marinated egg. Continue reading