The Soup House on Victoria Dr., Vancouver

It’s another weekend that the boy ditched us. They would rather stay home and make their own lunch.


Without the boys, we decided to drive further for lunch. The boys always protest when we tell them we will look for a place to eat outside of Richmond. Ben drove along Victoria Dr. which has a lot of restaurants. We decided to try The Soup House as the weather is getting colder these days.


We were greeted by a huge soup pot at the entrance.


We were there before noon and the place was packed in no time.


We ordered a Herbal Chicken Soup to share. It came in a small clay soup pot. I think it is meant for single serving. It is $5.95. It’s a clear soup with clean tasting. I supposed they used old chicken to make the soup because the meat was really tough. Continue reading

Smart N Save Cafe, River Road, Richmond

Ben noticed a newspaper clipping on Smart N Save Cafe while we were paying for our groceries when shopping at Smart N Save at Lansdowne Mall. It is interesting that a groceries store owner ventured into restaurant business.


We decided to go for lunch at Smart N Save Cafe during Ben’s vacation day off on a week day. Smart N Save Cafe is located in the Vancouver Industrial Park Richmond at 7080 River Road, a very unlikely place for a restaurant. It is on the second floor where you can see a lighted red open sign on the photo above.

The restaurant does have a good view of the Fraser River though from it’s location.


The restaurant closes early at 6PM.


We were there before noon and there were just a couple of tables taken. It was almost full house when we left.


The menu is not big, mostly snack items, noodles and dessert. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The interesting thing about this restaurant is that it’s ordering system is high tech. We were given a QR code when we sat down. The server told us that we can place our order using our smart phone with a QR code reader like WeChat.  Unfortunately, Ben does not have such app on his cell phone. So, the server has to take our order manually.


Ben ordered their house combo for $9.95. It came with a breaded Pork Chop which was deep fried to crispy and a bowl of steamed rice. Continue reading

Sala Thai Restaurant on Burrard St, Vancouver

Nanzaro is an adventurous eater. He will like to try new places just like us. He will even take the Canada Line to Vancouver for lunch after his class.


Here is one of his food adventure at Sala Thai on Burrard St.


The above was a soup that comes with all lunch specials. Nanzaro described it as a little sour; and it has cabbage and green onions in it.


His choice of lunch special is Thai Green Curry. He asked for the most spicy version. It is coconut milk cook with green curry,… Continue reading

Double East Cuisine, No. 3 Road, Richmond

We had an early lunch at Double East Cuisine which has replaced the previous tenant, Jubilant.


Since we were there early, parking is not a problem.


The interior looks much better now.


Ben ordered his favourite Rice in Soup with Oyster and Minced Pork. The broth was quite salty from the preserved vegetables. This is $8.25. Continue reading

Hakkasan Bistro on No. 5 Road, Richmond

Ben suggested to go for a Hakka meal on a Saturday afternoon. Hakkasan has a new fall menu; Hakka Dinner for 4 at $88.88.

Although the menu is for dinner, you can pre-order it if you would like it for lunch.


The first course is soup and appetizer. The soup is a pork and papaya double boil soup. The soup is flavourful with a clean taste.


The appetizer is Crispy Fried Stuffed Tofu Puff. It is served with sweet chili sauce. As the name suggest, it has a crispy texture.


The rest of the dishes are meant for sharing. The above is Hakka braised Pork Belly. There is a recipe on this blog of a similar dish. Continue reading

Himalaya Restaurant on Main Street, Vancouver

Nanzaro wanted Indian buffet for lunch on a Sunday.


So, Ben drove to the Punjabi Market on Main St. Vancouver to look one. We came upon Himalaya Restaurant which looks quite modern and clean cut from the outside.


When we enter the restaurant, we were greeted with a whole buffet of sweets. The sweets are not part of the buffet lunch. The restaurant has quite a big sitting area. In fact, part of the area was closed as there are not a lot of customers.


We had the non-vegetarian buffet which is $13.95 while there is an option for vegetarian buffet for $11.95. Ben piled up his plate with everything. Continue reading

Samsoonie Noodle and Rice on Westminster Hwy, Richmond

We intended to go to Kingparks for lunch on a Saturday after negotiated with our boys on where to eat despite that we know getting a parking space will be difficult.


We entered the parking lot where Banzai is located and Nanzaro noticed that Man Ri Sung had been replaced by a new Korean restaurant. So, we changed our plan to try out this new place.


Samsoonie Noodle & Rice has opened just a month when I checked with the server. The decor is rustic with wooden tables and chairs.


Ben ordered Dolsot Bibimbap which is Bibimbap served in hot stone bowl. Dolsot Bibimbap is $1 more than the regular Bibimbap; i.e $9.99. It is loaded with vegetables and some meat on top. Continue reading

Red House on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben intended to go to Shanghai Morning for dinner but the parking lot was full. He did not want to go round and round looking for a parking spot.


So, we ended up at Red House which has plenty of parking spot.


A Hong Kong style restaurant, our order came with soup and drink. We opted for Borsht soup over cream soup. The soup was tasty with decent amount of cabbage. There were also garlic toast to go with the soup.


Since it’s dinner time, Ben and I opted for Horlick instead of caffeinated drink.


I ordered a Seafood Yee Mee Noodle in Hot Pot which has scallop and shrimp. I ordered this thinking it was what we saw on another customer’s table but it turned out to be different. Continue reading

Lucky Joy BBQ Restaurant on Thorpe Road, Richmond

Ben suggested to go to Lucky Joy Restaurant near King George Park in Richmond. It has been a long while since we dine here. The restaurant looks nicer now.


We ordered from the Special Combination menu; 3 dish combo for $48.80. Ben wanted to add a lobster dish for an extra $10 but the boys protested.


The above fried chicken wing was complementary from the combo dish. They were fried to crispy on the outside and still moist inside. Nanzaro had two pieces because Arkensen does not like anything with bones.


Ben’s pick for our combo; it was a starred item on the list. The above was Chicken Steamed with Lotus Leaf. It was a huge serving. Ben loves the chicken leg pieces which were tender with a hint of herbal scent from the red dates and goji berries. Continue reading

Woe Ga Jib Korean Restaurant at Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben and I went out for lunch alone on a Saturday as the boys wanted to stay home to catch one of their show on life feed.


We went to Woe Ga Jib which previous tenant was Jang Mo Jib. I remembered Jang Mo Jib means mother in law. I wonder what does woe ga jib mean?


The restaurant entrance is kind of at the back. The customer has to walk up a slope which leads to the entrance with Korean art painted on the wall. The entrance greeted us with a couple of face masks decor.


Woe Ga Jib is a big restaurant with a large sitting area.


We ordered from the lunch special. Ben had a Beef Hot Pot with Bulgogi for $13.95. The beef came in shredded form and there was some vermicelli at the bottom of the pot. Continue reading