Pho Japolo on Bridgeport Road, Richmond

We discovered Pho Japolo when we visited Cafe Loyal. They are neighbours.


We came here for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. It was a weird day. When we arrived, it was pouring but when we left, the sun was shining.


The restaurant is larger than we expected. The dining area above is just a separate dining area from the main dining area. This restaurant can easily accommodates 70 people.


The usual fixings for Vietnamese meal. The bean sprouts were served raw.


Nanzaro ordered the Bun Bo Hue. He was not sure it was his dish when the server brought it to the table because it did not look as spicy as he expected. We tasted the broth which is quite flavourful with pronounced lemongrass flavour. Nanzaro added the chili paste condiment on the table to spice up his Bun Bo Hue. Continue reading

New Asia Deli at Continental Plaza, Richmond

Ben drove to the Continental Plaza for lunch without a designated restaurant in mind. We saw that the Deer Garden was very busy, with people waiting for tables while Pearl Castle was not that busy.


But the boys wanted Vietnamese on a cold day and we went to New Asia Deli. The restaurant was cold especially when the door is opened and a blast of cold air fills the dining room.


The usual fixings of bean sprouts and basil were served on different plates. In the middle of our meal, the server came over to take back the basil plate as she noticed that we did not touch it at all. Perhaps, for recycling. She said she wanted to clear the table for us.


Nanzaro ordered the Pho Bo Hue for $7.95. This does not come with blood cake which we do not mind as we never eat it. Continue reading

Hoang Yen Vietnamese & Canadian Cuisine on Victoria Drive, Vancouver

It’s the last 2 weeks of the year. The boys are on semester break and Ben is on leave. We have more time to explore further out for food.


Ben remembered seeing a Vietnamese restaurant on Victoria Dr which often has a line outside the restaurant. We went there on a Saturday early evening and was fortunate to have a table without wait.


Ben and I ordered from the special rice noodle menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Ben helped me to pick the Special Crab Soup with Vermicelli. The small bowl is $7.75. It has prawn, blood cake, tofu puff, pork hock slice, Vietnamese ham and tomatoes. The soup is flavourful.


Ben ordered the Seafood Hot & Sour Rice Noodle in Soup. The seafood include prawns, squid, fish slices and fish/squid balls. The sourness in the broth makes it quite appetizing. Continue reading

Pho 1001 Nights on Saba Road, Richmond

A new Vietnamese restaurant took over the location where Pho Cao Van was used to be.


It was a rainy cold Saturday evening. It’s the perfect weather for a hot bowl of pho noodle soup.


The restaurant was not busy when we visited. Perhaps, the rain deterred people from coming out.


The server served hot Chinese tea for all of us. But the two gentlemen also got an extra glass of cold water without being ask.


Actually Ben decided to go for Vietnamese after watching a recent Anthony Bourdain show on Vietnam, specifically the region Hue. So, Ben ordered Bun Bo Hue to fix his craving. The Bun Bo Hue here is filled with assorted meat like Vietnamese ham, meat balls, and sliced beef. It does not come with pork hock and blood cake. The broth was quite spicy. This is $7.99. Continue reading

A walk in Stanley Park and breakfast at Green Lemongrass, Kingsway

On the morning of the Scotia Bank Half Marathon, we had to drop off Nanzaro at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium early in the morning. After that, we decided to drive down to Stanley Park for a morning walk.


It was a beautiful morning and the view of Jack Poole Plaza was stunning.


Postcard like view.


After the walk, Ben drove along Kingsway to look for a place for breakfast. Since it was just over 9:00AM, there is not much choice. We ended up with Green Lemongrass which opens early. There was a table of customers watching one of the FIFA World Cup match. Chinese tea was served.


Ben had a Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup for $9. It has artificial crab meat, shrimp, squid and some sort of Vietnamese ham. It was a quite spicy and appetizing. Continue reading

Pho Khang Vietnamese Restaurant at Broadmoor Village, Richmond

Pho Khang is another new Vietnamese restaurant that pops up in Richmond.


Pho Khang opened on April 28 and offers 15% discount until May 15. Nanzaro and I visited Pho Khang just in time before the discount expire.


It was a good size restaurant; much bigger than we anticipated as the previous tenant was a Fish & Chip take out restaurant with no proper sit down tables.


I ordered the Khang House special Vermicelli for $8.75. It has spring rolls, minced pork and grilled lemongrass chicken (pork is also available). The grilled chicken does not have the charred factor. Continue reading

Red Pagoda Vietnamese Restaurant at Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

Emily, Marian and I met up for a Vietnamese lunch at the newly opened Red Pagoda at Ironwood Plaza.


In fact, Red Pagoda had been in business for more than a month already. It was Nanzaro who told me about this new restaurant when he visited the Richmond Public Library at Ironwood Plaza.


We were there early, before noon and it was not busy yet. The restaurant is decorated with large pieces of art.


Marian picked a Green Papaya Salad as appetizer. We opted for prawn over beef jerky for this salad. This is $7.95. We enjoyed the crunchiness of the green papaya and it’s lightly tangy dressing.


We also ordered a Grilled Chicken Bahn Mi to share. This is not on the menu but was on a promotional poster at the entrance. Continue reading

Lunch at Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine

Whenever we asked the boys what cuisine they like for weekend dine out, we often get Vietnamese or Japanese for the answer.


Since I need to do groceries shopping at the Richmond Public Market, we picked Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine for lunch.

I ordered Bun Rieu; minced crab, tofu and vermicelli in tomato broth as I noticed a neighbouring table customer had it and it looked appetizing. This is $8. Something different from the regular pho and I like the lightly tangy tomato broth.


Ben and Arkensen ordered the house special Pho Dac Biet which has everything in it; beef brisket, soft tendon, tripe, rare round steak and beef ball. Large is $7.75. Continue reading

Thai Son Revisited

Our boys wish is granted, Vietnamese dinner. We debated whether to go to Green Lemongrass, Pho Lan or Thai Son. I voted for Thai Son because we have not been back to this restaurant for a long time.


Ben ordered his favourite Bun Bo Hue which is also Thai Son signature dish. Large is $8.50. Just to see how much prices for eating out has increase; the same dish was $6.50 in 2008.


Arkensen ordered his favourite No.1 house special combination beef  rice noodle soup. Large is either $8.15 or $8.50, I think (I did not keep the bill after paying). Back then in 2008, it was $5.95. Continue reading

Pho Queen Restaurant on Capstan Way, Richmond

Our boys wanted Vietnamese for lunch. We were at Costco before lunch and we went to scour the nearby neighbourhood for a Vietnamese restaurant.


We intended to try the newish Pho Ho on Sexsmith but we went to the wrong strip mall and ended up at Pho Queen.


The restaurant is spacious and not too busy since we were there before noon.


The bean sprout came out first as usual. They were blanched as we could see steam coming out from the plate.


Arkensen always get the special beef noodle soup, large for $7.50. The Pho Queen Special comes with rare beef, well done flank, tendon,tripe and beef meatballs. Continue reading