Seedless Frozen Durian from Empire Supermarket, Richmond

Durian is reigned the king of fruits in Southeast Asia. One either loves or hates this fruit.


Don’t be surprise that even the adventurous Andrew Zimmern from the Bizarre Foods show does not like durian.

Growing up in Malaysia, Ben and I love this fruit. I remembered when I was young, my family will buy a whole big basket of durian (consists of 15 or more durian) with one of my uncle and family during the durian season. We will sit around the basket and enjoy one durian after another. I missed those days.

Durian has a thorn covered husk which needs skill to open in order to get to the edible flesh. The strong distinctive odour or aroma can be fragrant to some and offensive to others. Continue reading

Durian Coconut Roll

Arkensen loves Egg Cookies Rolls. I always get the egg cookies rolls from Asian Groceries stores.


One day while I was shopping at Grand Asian Supermarket at New Westminster Hwy, across the Richmond Public Market, I came across the above Durian Coconut Roll. I thought Arkensen may like this one. It was … Continue reading

McBistro Chicken Sandwich versus McChicken

The boys wanted McDonalds for dinner on a Friday evening. It’s been a while they have not have any burgers.


There is a new item on menu. It’s McBistro Chicken Sandwich. So, I gave it a try. I had the BLT McBistro Chicken Sandwich. It was $5.19 on the menu. But when I got it, I had a 50% coupon which comes in the mail every now and then. Nanzaro got a McChicken Meal. So, I made a comparison of both of the sandwiches.


As the name suggests, the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich (on the left)  has a whole piece of green leaf lettuce and two slices of tomatoes. As for the McChicken (on the right), it’s kind of sad looking with the shredded iceberg lettuce with some mayo.


For the McBistro BLT Chicken Sandwich, there are a few slices of smokey and crispy bacon on top of a piece of grilled chicken breast. I was asked if I wanted the grilled version. Perhaps there is another fried option which I did not ask.

As for the McChicken, the chicken breast is breaded and fried; so it’s crunchier.

Continue reading

Bialetti Mukka Express Homemade Cappuccino and Latte

A great start to a day is to have a cup of coffee in the morning for us. More so a cup of Cappuccino or Latte.


Ben bought the Bialetti Mukka Express for homemade Cappuccino and Latte. It is $82.61 including of tax.


All you need is ground coffee, milk and water to make a cup of Cappuccino and Latte on the stove top. Continue reading

Red Dates (Jujube)

When I was doing my groceries shopping at Langley Farm Market, I saw something new to me. It’s labeled as winter dates (in English). I bought some to try.


The winter date is just 99cents per pound. I think they are fresh red dates because they tasted like the dried red dates. Red dates are also known as Jujube. I noticed that the more brown they are, the sweeter they are.

However, when I visited the Richmond Public Market sometime later, I saw the same fruit labeled as Honey Dates (in Chinese). Anyone can clarify the difference in the name?


The winter date is about the size of crab apple. It has a small stone in it with both pointy ends. The texture of the flesh is … Continue reading

I Can’t Stand Red Jelly Bellies

I like Jelly Bellies.

I munch them while at work.


What I hate most is the red ones. Actually it is the Very Cherry flavoured ones that I can’t stand. The red ones could also be Red Apple and Cinnamon. So instead of accidentally eat the Very Cherry one, I pick them out.

I want to throw them away because no one else in the family wants it too. But then Suanne can’t stand to throw them away because she is just being who she is. So she keeps all the red ones in a Tupperware. If anyone wants red ones, you know who to get it from.


What is your favourite flavours?

I like the Caramel Corn, the Buttered Popcorn, the Grape Jelly and especially the … Continue reading

Weekend Musings: Addictions

I have been busy. Real busy like you do not believe it. Life had been pretty much consumed by “China” ever since I was landed right smack in the middle of the new project. As much as I want to be positive and say that work will tone down to normal levels soon, the truth is it will stay at this heightened level for some time. I had kept insane working hours, at times starting at 4AM in the morning. With teams working on Beijing, London, Hong Kong, Atlanta and with me alone directing the project right at the edge of timezone, I do feel like I am working around the clock on some days.

And the travelling is not helping too. I am down to working two weeks a month in London and Beijing until the end of this year. Just yesterday, I got an email asking me to consider being based in Beijing until the end of the year! But work had been exciting. All these came about when I managed to pull off a particularly difficult delivery two weeks ago and my just reward was emails floating around that I could bring some other distressed areas of the program back on track … “he needs to be there, get him there” was what people are saying.

So I really do need to juggle my priorities. Chowtimes is one of them that gets relegated to the lower rungs. Although writing by itself does not take much time and Suanne helps greatly doing up the pictures, I need the creative juices flowing to wring. You know how I write my posts? I compose posts in my mind throughout the day, like while driving or walking. By the time I sits down at the computer, I already know what I want to say and can hack away at a post in a short time. But these days, my mind is dominated by work matters alone.

So what does it mean? As much as I hate to say it but with work and travelling, it is nearly impossible for me to keep up the level of writing I want.  I don’t want to stop writing. No sir. So, the best I could do is to change how I write and what I write about. Chowtimes is about food and travel. Chowtimes is about sharing the life of Ben and Suanne. That will not change. What will change will perhaps be that the posts will be lighter.

Let’s see how things will evolve. I am on forced vacation next week (boss says to take the week off because I still have 20 days of vacations banked) and so will attempt to write next week.

Today, I want to speak of my latest addictions.


For the past couple of months, we had not been exploring new restaurants. Since we had so many posts yet not written and that I can’t even find time to write, there is no point going to new places.

Instead, we went to our favourite places and much nearby home. That pleases Nanzaro and Arkensen a lot. One of the restaurants we had gone back to several times is the Szechuan Delicious restaurant. We like that place because it is inexpensive and there are much more to discover on their menu.

One of the dishes we are utterly addicted to is the dish above. Remember the popular Sichuan appetizer dish called “saliva chicken”? Well, we like this version of the same dish using “beef tripe”. We love the crunchiness of the tripe and the same spiciness of the chili sauce. This is awesome.

I have not come across this version in other restaurants and just wonder if it is commonly found in other Sichuan restaurants. If you like “saliva chicken”, you will probably like this too. BTW, the name “saliva chicken” is my preferred translation over “mouth-watering chicken”. :-)


My other addition is this one above. I have to blame grayelf for introducing this to me.

She introduced this in a recent dinner I had with Sherman, Karl and Angie. If you like … Continue reading

How To Buy Alaskan King Crab

Suanne and I are trying to learn about buying Alaskan King Crab. Seriously, we are not expert in Alaskan King Crab at all. We just want to write this post not that we can share with you what we learned over the past couple of weeks but hoping that some of you who have the experience chime in here.

So the past two weekends, we went around the few places we knew of in Richmond that carries live Alaskan King Crab (AKC). We wanted to find out the prices and compare them. We went on two consecutive weekends because we wanted to see how the prices fluctuates.



In the off season period, these crabs could cost over $30.00 per pound and each of these crabs weighs anywhere from 5 lbs for an extremely small one to as big as 15 lbs. I remember someone saying that they had a 17 lb crab before! So you can imagine how expensive it could be during the off season … a sad looking 5 lb crab will cost you $150.

However, during the AKC season which runs from late February to mid to late March, the prices drops to something more affordable. It will go below $15 per pound and in some places it could even go as low as … Continue reading

Kuo Hua: An All-Taiwanese Supermarket

After trying for the first time in my life Ba Wan in Yuen-Yuen, Suanne and I decided to drop by Kuo Hua on the way back home. We wanted to come here to buy pre-packaged Ba Wan to try at home. It was 4SlicesofCheese who told us that Kuo Hua carries it in the new refrigeration sections that they had installed.


I don’t think many people who doesn’t live in Richmond knows about Kuo Hua. I could be wrong. This is even though they are located on No 3 Road just next to the Real Canadian Superstore.

Kuo Hua is one of many Asian supermarkets in Richmond. Can you name all of them? Let me try:

  • T&T in President Plaza: Undoubtedly the most well-known of all supermarkets which had recently been sold to the Real Canadian Superstore
  • Osaka in Yaohan Center: Affiliated with T&T; it’s like T&T with a Japanese twist.
  • Rice World on Garden City: Mostly products from Mainland China
  • Big Crazy on No 3 Road: Mostly products from Mainland China
  • There are many smaller ones like Supermarket 2000 on Union Square, Great One and Wah Shang on Park Road, Empire Supermarket on Empire Square, City Fresh on Ackroyd, Grand Value Asian Supermarket on Westminster Hwy (across Richmond Public Market) and Jia-Jia (various locations).

Kuo Hua is new and different from all others. For one, they sell products exclusively from Taiwan. Kuo Hua is certainly a supermarket that resonates with the Taiwanese community.

I once assumed that Kuo Hua is a chain of supermarkets from Taiwan. However it is not. It is very Canadian, having started their business in Markham, ON. However, this store in Richmond is their flagship store. Quite bold of an Ontario company opening a store in Richmond, huh?


Once you step into Kuo Hua, you will notice a big difference. It is bright. It is very clean and the aisle is very wide. What I like especially is that they are constantly arranging the shelves so that it look neat and tidy. There is also an absence of smell! LOL!

It is definitely enjoyable shopping here.

We immediately headed to the newly installed refrigeration section. We looked high and low for Ba Wan but nyada … we can’t find any. We looked twice. Maybe they sold out already. [Hi 4SlicesofCheese, it was the fridges on the right side of the supermarket right?]



So we ended up picking a few simple stuff.

The Traditional Pork Stew Sauce is awesome. We just had this in Yuen-Yuen ( here). Now we can make it at home which Suanne did a few days ago.

It was very good and I thought that the home made version with this sauce was better than the version we had in Yuen Yuen. The sauce is a bit thicker than Yuen-Yuen’s.

It is simple to make. Just fry some … Continue reading