Chicago Day 1: Rock N Roll McDonald’s, River North

On our walk back from lunch, we came upon a must stop spot; Rock n Roll McDonald’s.


The Rock n Roll McDonald’s is the first McDonald’s location with a two-lane drive-through.


The Ronald McDonald unicycle statue outside the Rock n Roll McDonald’s.


There was a wedding group in the Rock n Roll McDonald’s while we were there. So, the line up was quite long. Continue reading

Chicago Day 1: Lunch at Reza’s, River North

Ben delegated some research of where to eat to Nanzaro once we confirmed our trip to Chicago.


Nanzaro was recommended Reza’s by his Chicago twitter follower. We walked to Reza’s from our hotel via River Walk. The River Walk was entertaining as there were several live bands playing along the walk.


We were there past 2:00PM and it was way past lunch hour. So, it was not too busy. We opted for the lunch buffet.


A Persian flat bread was brought to our table. It was thin and dry, unlike naan bread which is soft and fluffy. It is still good to eat with sauce from the meat dishes, hummus and tzatziki. Continue reading

Hilton Garden Inn North Loop, Chicago

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn North Loop, Chicago. It is a new hotel as it had just opened for 2 weeks when we called them to clarify it’s location in early August. The reason we called is when we searched for Hilton Garden Inn, the one on Grand Avenue kept coming up and the address of the one we booked is on East Wacker Place.


We got off the Blue Line at Clark/Lake St. It’s just 7 minutes walk to Hilton Garden Inn, North Loop.


When we checked in, we were given a room with 1 King Bed instead of two Queen Bed on our booking. We were told that there is no two bed room left for the day and they will move us when one is available. We were just puzzling how to fit the three of us on a King size bed.


Luckily, before even we unload our luggage, we got a call from the reception that someone cancelled their booking and we got a two bed room. Whew!. Continue reading

Flying to Chicago

We took the 5:00AM shuttle to the Sea-Tac Airport.


Nanzaro wanted coffee while waiting for our flight. There is not many shops open at this early hours. We went to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which was opened.


Nanzaro had coffee while I had an almond croissant.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


View of a mountain top above the clouds from the plane. Continue reading

Chipotle Tukwila, Seattle

Ben and I went to the food court of Westfield Southcenter Mall to look for something else to eat.


We settled with Chipotle which was highly recommended by Nanzaro. He loves that he can pick the ingredients that he likes and not having to deal with those that he does not like.


Although we opted for the bowl, we asked for a tortilla to go with our bowl. It’s good that they warmed up the tortilla.


Ben picked the ingredients which I think include carnitas (shredded braised pork), spicy and tomatoes salsa, white beans, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole (with an extra charge of $1.95). The bowl with the tortilla is good enough for both of us.


Credit card is accepted here.

Chipotle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jollibee Tukwila, Seattle

Nanzaro wanted a vacation in summer. He complained that everyone in the family had a vacation except him. So, Ben decided to bring him to Chicago since he had a $300 voucher from United Airlines from a previous flight that he was bumped.

Our flight was from Sea-Tac Airport and it was an early flight at 6:00AM. We started our journey on a Friday afternoon driving to Seattle. We had booked a night at a stay and park hotel near Sea-Tac Aiport.

The drive was not a smooth one. There was a traffic jam on I-5 as usual. Moreover, there was an accident near NE 80th st. We saw two fire engines and an injured person was just being loaded onto the ambulance when we passed the scene.


We came upon Westfield South Center and decided to stop for dinner. Nanzaro immediately picked Jollibee as he had been wanted to try this Filipino fast food chain. We were surprised to see such a big Filipino present in this mall. There is even a groceries shop that is mostly manned by Filipino. It just look like a Filipino town.


You order and pay at the counter and you will be given a pager to notify you when your food is ready.


The pager will lights up and vibrates when your food is ready for pickup. Continue reading

Seattle City Center Day Trip

After breakfast, we stopped by Costco to pick up some snacks for Arkensen. This is his first trip that he will be all by himself.


We shared a twisted churos from Costco. It is flavoured with cinnamon sugar. I find that it was dry. Arkensen had most of it as he did not eat anything for breakfast.


Nanzaro wanted to try the ice latte which I find too sweet.


After shopping at Costco, we proceeded our journey to Seattle City Center. Arkensen wanted to pick up his ticket and pre-ordered stuff from Key Arena so that he does not have to rush the next morning for the event.


The Secret Shop is where he picked up his pre-order items. Last year, he lined up for 5 hours to buy stuff from Secret Shop. It was a great idea to have the pre-order this year.


Arkensen told us that this year’s event price pool money has exceeded 18 millions. I just can’t believe computer games can generate such a big money event. Continue reading

Jack in the Box

After lunch, we started our long journey home. Ben had to make a pit stop at one of the rest stop as he felt sleepy after a big buffet lunch. He took a short nap before continuing the drive home.

The drive on I-5 was not always smooth. Sometimes the traffic just slow down without apparent reason.


Nanzaro requested for dinner since he is a growing teenager. Ben and I were still full. So, Ben made a detour and stopped at Jack in the Box.


Nanzaro ordered a Sirloin Burger Combo for $7.88.

Continue reading

Hometown Buffet, Happy Valley, Oregon

On Sunday morning, Nanzaro and I had breakfast at the hotel which comes with free continental breakfast. Nanzaro had a diy waffle while I had toast. Ben skipped his breakfast.

We checked out after breakfast and drove to Oregon to do some shopping.


After shopping, we decided to look for a buffet place for lunch. We found Hometown Buffet via


Hometown Buffet belongs to the same group of buffet as Old Country Buffet.

The spread of the food is similar as Old Country Buffet.


Continue reading

Dinner at Sharis, Kelso

After settling down in the hotel in Kelso, we walked out to scour the neighbourhood for dinner. We picked Shari’s over Denny’s as we can find Denny’s in Vancouver but not Shari’s.


Ben ordered Grilled Chicken Penne Alfredo. It was rich and creamy. The grilled pita on the side was really crispy.


I had the BBQ ribs which is on limited time offer. I opted for the yam fries with $0.99 extra. My meal came with cornbread and butter and a side of coleslaw. Continue reading