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Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.
~ Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 – 1826)
~ French gourmet & lawyer

Suanne’s favourite show … oh, I mean to say, Suanne’s OTHER favourite show is the Iron Chef. She roots for Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi. The Iron Chef show always starts with the above quote. So, with the words “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”, here is Suanne’s first presentation. Suanne prepared a steamboat (better known as Hot Pot in Canada) for our January 1st, 2006 dinner. Her thoughts is only with Nanzaro and Arkensen and prepared what they like best (meatballs!). Here are the stuff she prepared for the pot: Marinated thinly sliced pork. Suanne says that her marinate is very complicated and cannot be described on the internet.


This is Arkensen and Nanzaro’s favourites consisting of artificial crab stick, fish balls and pork balls:


This one is for the resident daddy: fried tofu puff (tofu pok?) and enoki mushrooms.


Then we have the staples: Suey Choy, and Vermicelli.



The most important part of a great hot pot is the sauce. Suanne used the Bull Head BBQ Sauce mixed with Soya Sauce and some chilli sauce. Also some parsley and ginger. Here is how it looks like:





We use one of those divided pots that people used to prepare two separate types of broth. Suanne bought some “buatan Malaysia” Tom Yam powder but it was not really good (no taste at all). I mean, tom yam are meant to be really spicy right?



Lepas itu, appoint a very patient flame watcher:


And finally … Ta da!!




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  1. JYap

    I am jealously hungry. ‘Tau fu pok’ is my fave. Could you prepare the same when I go over to Vancouver???

  2. Ben Yap

    For sure … for you, we will make a bigger feast! I love the tofu-pok, especially with bah kut teh. He he he … I’ll send a request to Suanne to make bah kut teh next week.

  3. Anonymous

    I see you have a very cute flame watcher. My flame watcher is not old enough for her duties yet so can I borrow yours for a day?– Rajiv

  4. Ben Yap

    Oh, I don’t know. I got to ask the resident flame watcher! How are you guys doing? Still staying at the same place or have you moved?

  5. Anonymous

    This steamboat looks great and very tasty. So is Suanne the Steamboat making queen? Looks like lots of work with the prep.Rima & Paul

  6. Suanne

    Yes, I am the one who is the queen. Hahaha. Not a lot of work. I just had to slice and cut. That’s all.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Ben,Yes we’re in the same place. I don’t see you online any more? Is your hotmail email address the same?-Rajiv

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