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Health food makes me sick.
~ Calvin Trillian (1935 – )

Today is our anniversary as new Canadians. Coincidentally, this week is also the week we landed in Canada. We decided to celebrate these two special occasions by eating out somewhere more than our regular budget — as we always do every year. I wanted to try out this new Malaysian restaurant (called Cafe D’light) along West Broadway which was featured in the local papers but Arkensen and Nanzaro both wanted sushi, all-you-can-eat sushi! We had all-you-can-eat sushi last year in Sui Sha Ya but we decided this year to go to Richmond Sushi in Union Square along Capstan Way. We have been to Richmond Sushi once before — it was decent and not too expensive. There are a lot of nice restaurants in Union Square.


Well, this place has both ala-carte and all-you-can-eat. We opted for all-you-can-eat. We asked for a pick list and left the first round selection to Suanne. Of course, both Arkensen and Nanzaro wanted to weigh in on what is chosen.


Arkensen asked for a total of 12 salmon sushi! Arkensen loves raw salmon and can eat just that and nothing else. The all-you-can-eat menu does not have sashimi for lunch and so the next best thing for Arkensen is the salmon sushi. Here he is picking off the salmon pieces first:


Nanzaro will eat just about anything except for green peas. Nanzaro started off with his beef udon. His favourite was the spicy tuna rolls. He had quite a lot of that.


Here are some of the pictures of the other selections we made. I wish I could have taken more pictures. The first picture of the teriyaki salmon below is surprisingly good. Other items we selected were miso soup, motoyaki (Suanne’s favourite!), fried smelt, fried rice, yaki soba, grilled salmon head, gyoza and some tofu.




As always, we ended up stuffing ourselves too full. Arkensen was the first one to give up and to our surprise, Nanzaro was the sole survivor! We had quite a bit left over. Suanne left this eye from her grilled salmon head. Here it is looking at you …


Overall damage was $53 (that is inclusive of taxes and tips). We had a walk around the block after the heavy meal. We went also to the Chinese market next door and bought some globe grapes (Ben’s favourite). Here are our ratings … from a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best):

Arkensen: 5
Nanzaro: 5
Mum: 4
Dad: 3.8796

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  1. Anonymous

    Yoooo!!! Ben’s 3.8796 rating for the sushi is a scientific killer !!! Sushi-0-meter??? Hahaha … just kidding !GS Soh

  2. jyap

    $53 = 5,141 about the same as sushi dinner for 4 in Tokyo but then again, sushi in Tokyo is more delicious! hehehe.Don’t you miss char kueh teow, hokkien mee, prawn mee, nasi lemak, mee goreng, roti canai, rojak, satay, etc??? I miss them! *cry*

  3. Ben

    Oh yes for sure, we still miss Malaysian food. IMO, nothing beats Malaysian food in the world, period! We do have some decent Malaysian/Singaporean restaurants but it’s not authentic. Anyway, I’ll blog about Malaysian food next weekend … am now thinking of char koay teow!

  4. Ben

    GS Soh:I really got to explain the 3.8796 rating. You see, I wanted to give a 4 but because I had to make a visit to the washroom rather urgently, I decided to ding the rating some points. Guess my stomach does not agree very well with uncooked food. :-)Ah Ben

  5. Kathy

    i would rate 1 out of 5 for this restaurant. I visited Richmond for the first time and i had a horrible experience w/ the service in this restaurant. I didn’t have enough patient to try out all the food and the owner pissed me off so bad that i had to leave the place. I didn’t know that you have to explain to the owner about your leftover foods, otherwise he won’t serve you. He actually checked on our every single plate for leftover foods. The most disgusting thing was that he took our leftover foods and gave it to other customers. After i noticed that, i wanted to puke and left the place. Maybe i just had a bad luck on that day, but i would never ever come back there again…

  6. kwok

    this place is disgusting. This joint is like well known among the chinese community in Richmond. Most of the AYCE joint in richmond are bad… too dirty. But this joint is just the worst of all…

    1. Ben

      Hi Kwok:
      It is almost 4 years since we last visited Richmond Sushi so we don’t know. You mentioned that this place is disgusting … how is that disgusting? Granted that there are not many AYCE that are “great” but there must be that one or two thing that makes it disgusting.

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