Chocolate Coated Korean Snack

Qn: Why did the student eat his homework?
Ans: Because the teacher told him it’s a piece of cake.

Hi all again. Wanted to show everyone what Auntie Allie and her two boys (Luke and Chris) gave us, all the way from Korea. They brought some snacks for Arkensen and Nanzaro … some chocolate coated cake. Here is how the chocolate coated cake looks like:


Can’t read Korean but the only English words on the packaging says Well-Being. The above pack is the last pack which belongs to Nanzaro but Nanzaro lets his brother have it because, well, he’s not well the past two days and don’t feel like eating.

The snack is really soft and light. You really have to carefully tear open the packaging or you’ll squished it. It’s basically a soft cake under the coating.


Asked Arkensen to describe it and all he says is that it is “GOOD” — he don’t know why it’s good, it’s just good.


This blog is dedicated to Chris and Luke Yun, classmates of Nanzaro and Arkensen … Thanks a lot, bud!

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