Roast Chicken

Finally! As promised, a blog on chicken. Suanne roasted a pair of chicken for dinner today.


We normally buy roasted chicken from the deli section in places like Safeway, Superstore or Save-on-Foods. We used to buy them for dinners and when Suanne does not feel like cooking. The boys particularly liked the chicken and the fries that comes along with it. It was a good deal for about $11 which also includes two sides and buns.

Just prior to Christmas, we found a really cheap roasting pan from Linen-n-Things. It was only $15 after rebates and it comes with a free 4-piece gourmet carving set. Since then we have roasted our own chicken.


The roasting pan is big enough for a large turkey. It’s also too large to roast just one chicken. So, we roast a pair each time … eat one of the them for dinner and keep the other for making dishes like curry laksa, chicken noodle soup, etc for the rest of the week. The pair of chicken below costs about $12-$13.


Suanne uses thyme, lemon, onions and garlic (not in picture) for flavouring. The butter is used to crisp the chicken skin. For taste, the usual salt and pepper are applied.



The baking takes 1.5 hours. We usually roast a few potatoes together too. According to the recipe, Suanne wanted to make gravy from the drippings but the onion at the bottom of the pan always get burnt out. Any idea how you could prevent this?


Anyway, here you go … a chicken dish … as promised. 🙂

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  1. Princess Wild Cow

    My favorite blogs are the food blogs. Yours had my mouth watering today and the recipes and photos are great! Excuse me, I now have to go fix something to eat.

  2. Ben

    Thanks for the comments, princess.

  3. Kai

    I’ve made cornish hens before, and I always drizzle some olive oil over the chicken. This keeps the vegetables on the bottom from drying out, as the oil keeps them moist.

  4. bp

    toss the onions with olive oil and abit of butter, you can also use abit of chicken stock to keep the chicken moist and jucier.

  5. chinchyesek

    As to problem,line bottom of roasting pan with some
    pork or chicken bones.

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