Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine

A good name is better than good habits.
~ Vietnamese Proverb

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant today for lunch. There are a lot of Vietnamese restaurant serving Pho’ in Vancouver. The Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine restaurant we went to is apparently new because we have never noticed it before. If we remember correctly, I think it used to be a Greek restaurant. It is located in 8180 Westminster Hwy, just next to the Richmond Public Market. Click here for the Google Map of this location.


We ordered three dishes to share among the four of us because Vietnamese noodles always comes in very big bowl. All Vietnamese restaurants served the traditional Vietnamese noodles called pho — noodles in clear beef broth. Arkensen always ordered either the Beef Ball Noodles or the ubiquitous No 1 Special. This time he ordered the No 1 Special which comes with thin cuts of beef (steak, fatty flank, lean flank, brisket), tendon, tripe and meatballs. Since Nanzaro liked spicy food, Suanne ordered the spicy version — Pork & Beef in Hot & Spicy Soup. The large No 1 Special costs $5.95 while the Hot & Spicy version is $6.95.


I ordered the Curry Chicken which costs $9.50. It was the first time I see that curry chicken is served in a claypot. The presentation was pretty good and come together with pieces of butter/garlic bread.


The bread was very good and is eaten by dunking it into the curry gravy. We had lots of gravy left over and ordered extra servings of steamed rice. It was a good meal.

Update on 04-Oct-2009: We picked up the following takeout menu from the Green Lemongrass today. We had Bahn Hoi for the first time. Interesting dish as it is pressed noodles. Here is the menu:


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  1. Thao

    Cute name for a restaurant. I love Pho. When I visit family, I always want to go eat authentic Vietnamese food because they know the best places. The pictures make me hungry…

  2. Suanne

    Do you get a lot Vietnamese Reataurants in Houston? Come to Vancouver, BC. We have practically 1 Vietnamese restaurant every block … definitely more than McDonalds!

  3. bre

    i LOVE this place! i go pretty much every week and always try something differnt cause everything’s really good

  4. van

    just happened to stumble upon your site and was looking through your vietnamese entries. the noodle soup that you have label as the spicy version is actually not pho. that dish is called bun bo hue and is a specialty of the hue region in vietnam. i can’t really say what makes the two different broth wise but the meats are different. such as in the bun bo hue there is a piece of cha lua (vietnamese bologna) and blood cubes which is usually pork blood.

  5. Daniel

    Indeed, van is correct. Thank you for the good comments about my family’s restaurant. It was interesting googling for ratings on my own family’s restaurant.

  6. Kevin

    I have a craving for Bun Bo Hue…shall we go on a quest to find the best in Vancouver [and area]?

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