Buns, Buns, Buns and Buns

Warm food, warm friendships.
~ Czech Proverb

Polly and Xiao Qin came by this morning to make the buns Ben & I blogged earlier. We made two batches of buns and experimented with four different type of fillings. Polly brought her own (stir-fried) minced pork and Xiao Qin brought some peanut butter. I still had some pulled pork leftover and I also bought some lotus paste from the Great One Supermarket.


I had the dough prepared the night before. So, we started off immediate filling the dough. Polly and Xiao Qin did the filling for almost all the buns while I played paparazzi. It was pretty hard work as it took almost 1 hour to fill 24 buns. We baked the buns in two different batches.


While waiting for the buns to rise and bake, we had a good time chatting about the upcoming Chinese New Year, and about our kids growing up in Canada. We also discussed techniques of disciplining our kids. 🙂 We had a good laugh.


All of us, both kids and mums, had the buns for lunch. The kids enjoyed Polly’s minced pork bun while the mums had the spicy version.


Thanks for coming by and sharing your time with me, Polly and Xiao Qin. What did the rest of your family say of the buns? I hope they like it.


I had a great time. Let’s do this more often.

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  1. polly saw

    Well, Suanne, thanks! my twins girls really have fun and they even told my friend about the buns and taste good. Ok, wait till our next “tai Pua” or “chau Xiew Pau” time. OH, yes, BTW, about Richmond Public Market, we love the “Laksa mee” from food stall call “Tong Tong Yuen” (very closer to the kids game place), maybe next time u can try it out.

  2. jyap

    Suanne, your 2 friends look very familiar. Malaysians? Hong Kongers? Film Stars??Anyway, it’s great that you and Ben blog together. Me, I blog alone. :(Ben should be banned from eating buns because buns sound like Jon Ban. (another attempt at making silly mundane jokes)

  3. Suanne

    You have a sweet mouth, John. I am gonna tell Polly and Xiao Qin that you hinted they looked like HK stars. They will sure belanja you if you come to Vancouver. 🙂

  4. Marina

    This looks so yummy :). Thank you for sharing!

  5. ROSA

    Will add this to my list!

  6. Suanne

    Rosa: Let me know how your buns turn out. Send me a pic!Suanne

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