Grand Pacific Buffet in New Westminster

Updated 17th Jan 2011: This restaurant had closed according to

“I heard” is good; “I saw” is better; “I tasted” is best.
~ Ben Yap

The chinese employees at my workplace organized a Chinese New Year lunch celebration today. We do that every year. This year, they have graciously invited Suanne too for the lunch because they wanted to also make this a farewell lunch for me. For the first time, the organizer decided that we go to a buffet for a change. We went to the Grand Pacific Buffet in New Westminster. The Grand Pacific Buffet is a buffet with Western, Chinese and Japanese food with predominantly Chinese food.


There were a lot of varieties. The food is so-so but then it’s not fair to compare buffets to the normal restaurants. I was wary of MSG with the tell-tale thirstiness after the meal but nope, it was not at all. Suanne and I went for two full rounds and ended up sharing the dessert. The photos below does not tell much but anyway, these are our second round plates. It’s about $8 for a weekday lunch.




Good food goes best with good company. These people are not co-workers but has been friends to me for a long time. I was always the odd one out with this group because I do not understand their brand of Mandarin. It does not matter, as long as the food is good — they are the SME’s (Best Buy’s overused term for Subject Matter Experts) in Chinese food around Burnaby.

I have worked directly and indirectly with most of them on some of my projects. They are all awesome and great to have them in the team. I must say that one of the primary reasons that many of my projects were successful were because of these people. I will miss being around the office with them.




We raised our cups but I didn’t know what they were toasting (remember, I don’t understand their brand of Mandarin or for that matter, any brand of Mandarin?). But to me, my toast is for a great Chinese new year ahead, success in their careers and may all their dearest dreams come true. Best friends deserve the best wishes!


So, here we are — Ben and Suanne smiling from ear to ear. It’s because we did not have to pay! Thanks buddies, for the treat. Oh … remember to invite me for the Chinese new year lunch next year … this time I’ll pay … for my own, not everyone’s!


I’m bringing Dilly Bars for everyone tomorrow.

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  1. andrew

    You lucky buggers. Just finished salivating over these photos of buffets,my stomach is rumbling fiercely it all looks so good.

  2. Koji

    don’t bother, this place shut down a few months ago.

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