Cactus Club Cafe on Kingsway

Work like a slave and eat like a gentleman.
~ Albanian Proverb

I have farewell lunches everyday right until my last day at work next week. Already I have gained 1kg since last week. I am not going to weigh myself anymore until all these lunches are over. Today’s lunch is the “official” farewell lunch which is organized by the PMO. We went to the Cactus Club Cafe on Kingsway. The Cactus Club offers casual fine dining and has a very global menu. This place is one of the favourite lunch places the people in the company goes to because of the menu caters to every palate. The menu includes items such as dim sum, quesadillas, steak, burgers, pasta, ribs, and fajitas. Check out their menu and prices. I ordered the grilled salmon which if I recall correctly, costs $10.


The salmon is served with rice and green beans. The sauce used to cook the salmon is pretty spicy. I like the green beans which has a touch of saltiness. It was a big serving.


My boss paid for my lunch. Oh, I should have ordered the Ultimate Mushroom Deliglace at $31 … just kidding boss!

It was a good gathering and felt appreciated because the PM team showed up along with many members of my projects. We did not talk about work at all, which is a good thing. We just … chatted.

It has been a pleasure working with them all.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ben,I’m so excited to see your blog! 🙂 it’s nice to have one! I’m so disappointed to don’t see my picture with you 🙁 I know you can’t put all!!! anyway it was a good time having lunch with you and also good opportunity for me to work with you. Hope you won’t forget us.Best Wishes,Mahin Tayeran

  2. Ben

    It’s been great working with you Mahin. Check my blog everyday … let’s use it to keep in touch.

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