DQ’s Chocolate Dilly Bars

Life is like a box of chocolate …
~ Forest Gump

Believe it or not, last week I bought a total of 72 Dilly Bars! It is a good thing that Dairy Queen had a BOGO (buy-one-get-one) promotion or else it would have costs me quite a bit. I bought them as a treat for all the people in Best Buy who had so kindly paid for my farewell lunches. I think they all liked it.

This is my blog on the famous Dilly Bar from DQ.


The Dilly Bar is a delicious vanilla ice milk dipped in chocolate flavoured coating. Did you know that the Dilly is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year. Yup, it was first made in the year 1955.


Each box of Dilly Bars come with twelve 100ml bars. A box normally costs $16 (tax included). Effectively, with the BOGO, each box is about only $8. It’s a good thing they have a promotion at this time!


Most people does not know this but the Dilly Bars are made on the premises of each Dairy Queen. That sort of explains the twirly deal on each bar. It’s the twirly deal that makes the Dilly Bar so famous.


Oh, all this blogging is making me want one. Bye for now … gotta to get one from the fridge!


Serving Size: 3.0 oz. Calories: 210 Calories from Fat: 120 Total Fat: 13 grams Saturated Fat: 7 grams Cholesterol: 10 milligrams Sodium: 75 milligrams Carbohydrates: 21 grams Fiber: 0 grams Sugars: 17 grams Protein: 3 grams

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  1. sandy

    yeah it tastes great!!!!!DQ at Anderson road, richmonds gonna have ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ this promotion on 6 november’06.

  2. Ben

    Hi Sandy: Thanks for the tip! I’ll be there on Monday and pick up a few packs on the way back from work. How did you know of the 1-for-1 deal? I can’t find it on the DQ website.

    1. bulakz

      anytime you want dilly bars or sandwiches, I can hook you up for BOGO, even if its not on special *winks* just give me enough notice

  3. Lori

    Hi there , im was wonderin , will u be makin dilly bars in other flavors besides vanilla & do u have dilly bar merchandise such as hats, flip flops male brefs, bikini’s?

    man i can’t wait for this answer lol

  4. Brenda

    Hi just came across your Dilly bar blog. I think it’s neat that you like them so much. I also have a fondness for them as my Dad invented the dilly bar when he was just a boy in Kansas and named it too, not too many know that fact. He use to ride his horse down to the Dairy Queen in the evenings to get them both a ice cream cone. Well the owner of the Dairy Queen liked my Dad and his horse, so one evening he was watching the owner cleaning out his soft serve machine and tossing out all the ice cream, well that gave my Dad idea, why waste good ice cream. So he asked the owner if he could try something and he said sure. So my Dad got a cookie sheet tray and placed blobs of ice cream on the cookie sheet and then place it all in the deep freeze, as the ice cream was stiffing up he took the tray back out and stuck popsicle stick into each one and back to the freezer they went. The next evening my Dad showed back up with his horse and went inside to check on the ice cream. He pulled them out of the freezer and the owner asked now what? That’s when my Dad went over to the hard chocolate dipping sauce and dipped one of the bars in pulled it out and took a bit, looked up at the owner and said that’s one dilly of a bar, and that’s how it all started.

    1. JLW-W

      I went to high school with a girl who is a good friend of mine from Moorhead MN, her dad owned the Dairy queen on 8th street and HE invented the Dilly Bar, at least that is who they give credit for too for the dilly bar invention. Look it up, there is info out on the web about that.

    2. Kris

      I am fascinated to find so many people online who claim that they (or someone they know) invented the DQ Dilly Bar, and most of their stories are so believable, including this one. I would also like to add my claim that my father (and a co-worker) were the ones that invented the Dilly Bar. It was around 1948 at one of the first DQ’s in Fairfield, Iowa. My dad was a senior and worked part time at the local DQ. Franchises were encouraged to invent new products because the customer’s wanted more than soft serve cones and soda. As a little girl, my mom would accompany me on fieldtrips that my classmates would take to the local DQ, and she always told people how my dad invented the Dilly Bar. Unfortunately, both of my parents are gone now so my dad would not have any way of proving this. I was raised in a very Christian family and my parents would never lie to me about this. I just find it interesting that there are so many people that claim to be the inventors.

  5. bob

    dilly bars r so yumalishess and there the bomb

  6. Kelly

    I worked at a DQ as my first real job at age 15. My very first task was to dip the dilly bars. The dilly bar maker had already made the ice cream part and inserted the stick. Then they went into the freezer to get nice and hard. I then took each one, dipped it in a moat of chocolate, clipped the bottom of the stick to a clothes pin that was mounted on a circular track parallel to and above the moat of chocolate. That top ring spun around with clips at the correct intervals, so that by the time the first one came back around, it was dry and ready to slide into the paper then back into the freezer.

    I haven’t been to a DQ in a long time, but the last time I was there, the dilly bars were NOT made on site. They were in a box, from a factory. Made me sad. I didn’t think any of them made them on site any more, but I wasn’t sure.

  7. j

    I’m trying to find out the history of the dilly bar. Does anyone know where the first one was made?

    1. Ben

      Hi J: Checkout the comment from Brenda (a few comment above this). According to Brenda, her dad invented it. Interesting read. The first one is made in Kansas.

  8. Bob

    Perhaps Brenda’s comment “just a boy in Kansas and [he]named it too,” explains the first paper wraper I remember. It had Dilly wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, he had eyes, with the swirl serving as his nose! I had a small plastic pin with this Dilly on it, proclaiming “I’m a Dilly!” If someone has one, it would be great to see an on line photo of it!

  9. bret

    Bull Brenda….The Dilly Bar was “invented” at Dairy Queen 24 8th St S Moorhead, MN 56560 (218) 233-3221 Everyone, even the DQ big wigs, know this answer.

    1. lynsey

      kiltt you brendaa!

      1. Nate

        Supposedly the Moorhead location is also the most successful per capita.

  10. patrick reeshard

    I and girlfriend stopped at the Raton NM DQ and got dilly bars.
    Factory made now…no characteristic dimple showing “dipped”.
    Boring and thin chocolate…very disappointing, and we both grew up on Dillys

    Yet all the advertising has the dimple of hallmark “hand dipped”. False advertising, sad to say. DQ needs to know some of us are upset by that.

    1. bulakz

      Patrick…i remember there was a time last yearwhen it there were boxes that were factory made but its only in a box of 6, it was just for a month or 2, But in Vancouver, its still made from scratch

      Ben..anytime u want dilly or sandwiches , I can hook you up with BOGO, even if its not on special, just gv me enough notice **winks**

      1. Ben

        Hi Bulakz: Oh really? That’s wonderful. We always go buy a couple of boxes when we get the BOGO coupons. I sometimes buy them and stuff it in the office fridge and everyone just love it. Two boxes will go a matter of an hour once people knows about it! We’ll let you know next time we want some. Thanks a lot! Ben

  11. Millie Sommers

    My mother in law invented the Dilly Bar while she managed a Dairy Queen in Atchison, Kansas by Atchison High School. She dipped the ice cream in chocolate and said “That’s the dilly of a bar”. While the owner of the shop someone by the name of “john” probably professes to be inventor, he is dead wrong. This was in 1954. And so goes the legend of “The Dilly Baar”. Give credit where credit is due! Her name was Verdell Benshoof Sommers

  12. Dilly Olivia Stern

    wow i didn’t know these were invented i want one. my nickname has been dilly since the moment i was born cause it has my name in the ice cream i want one even more.

    1. Ben

      Hi Dilly: Don’t you have DQ in England? Ben

  13. Tamara

    I love Dilly Bars but I find the sticks are too short and I’m always getting chocolate on my hand.

  14. bulakz

    most dilly bars in Canada are made in the store, you can make a comment to the Manager so they will make sure to tell the staff not to push the stick all the way in

  15. Tamara

    Good to know, thanks!

  16. Panterka

    I read about this ice cream in the “Cell” by S. King

  17. Sedap Makan

    I see them making these in store all the time in Vancouver anyways. Just as described by Brenda above putting the icecream on baking sheet and freezing and then dipping later. So many invention claims – amusing.

  18. LotusRapper

    I’m a Buster Bar guy myself, love all the peanuty crunchiness 🙂

  19. alis

    yeah but i’ve noticed a lot lately that they have stopped putting the twirl on dilly bars? why is this? location, cost, untrained ice cream makers?

  20. Jack Mugatu

    Actually, the above stories don’t seem to be accurate. The person who invented the Dilly Bar also had the last name “Dilly” and it was named after him. I know this because I know the Dilly family who still have ties to DQ.

  21. tom

    The first Dilly Bar was invented by the owner of a privately owned Diary Queen location in Leadington, Missouri in 1953. His name is Owen Sloan. He sold the idea to Diary Queen for $500 in 1955. Owen is currently 82 years old and in good health.

    1. LotusRapper

      Seems like there’s a discrepancy to the history of who really invented the first and original Dilly Bar ……

  22. Lindsey

    I have not read all the posts but I keep hearing people only talk about chocolate dilly bars, or chocolate, cherry and butterscotch. In this magical place called APPLETON WI, there are 20 flavors of Dillys! My favorite is the purple one. I think it’s tropical. There are flavors like banana, Coconut, chocolate with chocolate icecream, Strawberry etc. It’s the appleton EAST store on Oneida St. Look it up!

    1. ethnicmike

      Three years later and this comment helped my prove my wife wrong. She insisted there was never such a thing as a purple dilly bar. I am now sitting at the very DQ you mention. My son is eating a purple and I had a toasted coconut.

  23. Paul

    I am fascinated by all the claims of the Dilly Bar. Who ever invented it, thank you.
    Now, I remember in the late 50’s while visiting my grandmother in Tueson, we all would pile into the station wagon and head to DQ. My dad would buy Dilly Bars and off we would go, but before three blocks someone would shout “go back, I got a free Dilly”. Sometimes this would happen two or three times. Now, when did DQ start this suprise, by placing in the stick “one free Dilly”?

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