United Airlines Snackbox

A good meal ought to begin with hunger.
~ French Proverb

On my flight to Atlanta, I thought I try out United Airlines’ Snack Box even though Suanne packed some snack for me. It has been a while since most airlines had discontinued free inflight meals even for long haul flights. On United’s flight over 3.5 hrs, one could purchase United’s snack boxes for USD $5 each — they accept only cash. United has choice of four different types of snack boxes. Click here for their selection. I wanted something a bit salty and cheesey. I opted for the Mini Meal Snack Box.

The boxes were shrink wrapped. I was pretty surprised by the content. It was packed pretty tight and had a very good selection.



_MG_2852_edited-1I started off with the Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies. There are two in a pack and sandwiched a layer of chocolate. As with most cookies I was particularly concern about crumbs since I was sitting in such cramped space with my bulky camera by my side, but it does not crumble much. Made just right for a flight.
_MG_2853_edited-1I always get so dehydrated on flights. I took the apple sauce next. It’s a Granny Smith apple sauce from Mott’s. I like it because it is unsweetened.
_MG_2854_edited-1There are seven of Hommel Hard Beef Salami slices in the pack. It was exactly what I wanted … a little bit of salt and meat. Next was the Parmesan Cheese spread on stoned wheat crackers.
_MG_2857_edited-1I did not particularly care for potato chips and kept it aside for snacks later.
_MG_2913_edited-1I like this item. It is called the Hiya Peppermint. Instead of the normal peppermint drops, these peppermint is liquid filled capsule. It releases the mint instantaneously. Good thing to share with people.

It was a good thing I had a window seat on the last row on the plane. It was not easy to escape people’s attention when I took my time to arrange my food for the shots. Luckily, the person who sat next to me was sleeping all the way. Some people did notice and must have thought I was a village bum flying for the first time and taking shots of every little thing I came across. 🙂

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