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~ Margaret Mead

I started going to the Richmond Community Kitchen not too long ago. I found it from the community pages of the Richmond News and decided to check it out. They are organized by the Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV). Check out their website here: The Cooking Club (known as the Richmond Community Kitchen) typically meets once every two weeks. The schedule of meeting differs from location to location. I attend the one at the South Arm Community Centre which meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday mornings.

I enjoy going to the meetings. I not only get to learn new recipes but it also allow me to meet new people. The people are friendly, supportive and encouraging. Most of the attendees are regulars.

The meetings normally lasts about two hours. We take turns sharing recipes. We pay a share for buying the ingredients which goes to the person who does the demonstration of the day. Today’s meeting is just $1.50 — and you get to taste the food at the end. We normally finish off the food before we go home. Jean S shared with us two recipes this week: Cinnamon Bun and Beef Filled Buns.

Jean’s Cinnamon Buns


Jean demonstrated how to make the dough by hand, unlike how I used the bread machine to do it. This is new to me and learned how to proof the yeast and how to knead the dough by hand. The manual method took almost four hours. I think I will stick to the bread machine.

Jean’s Beef Filled Buns


At the end of this week’s session, Jean was really pleased when Vanessa got everyone to applause her for the demonstration. It was a lot of work, especially kneading the dough manually for so long. Great work, Jean … appreciate your effort and we all had fun and the buns were great.

So, Richmond ladies who read my blog, if you can find time to join us, give me (Suanne) a call.

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    Wow! Your blogging skills get more and more advance. Multiple frames and a video too!!! Disciple is cleverer than master. lol

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    He he he … it’s not too difficult really. For the video, I just go to, search for what I want and the HTML codes is there. Cut and paste is what I just need to do. Check it out, you will like it.

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