Korean Pancake

He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes.
~ Maltese Proverb

I prepared Korean Pancakes for a light dinner tonight. It is a batter with vegetables and meat. For meat, I used luncheon meat.


Pancakes are apparently popular in the Korean culture. There are many types but the one I prepared tonight is the vegetable pancake. The pancake mix costs about $2-$3. Other ingredients used are carrot, suey choy, cilantro and luncheon meat. You may substitute the luncheon meat with other meat like prawns, baby oysters, etc.


Here is how I prepare it:

_MG_3046_edited-1I first grate the ingredients into small pieces.
_MG_3047_edited-1I then mix the batter with same amount of water and the mix. I whisk the batter until it is not lumpy.
_MG_3048_edited-1The chopped ingredients goes in at the same time — and mixed well.
_MG_3049_edited-1I put a ladle of mixture into the pan — and pan fried each side for two minutes
_MG_3050_edited-1I then turn the pancake over after two minutes to fry the other side. I serve it in hoi-sin (seafood) sauce.

This is a quick and healthy meal. It just took me about 20 minutes to prepare the meal.

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