America West Airlines’ Phoenix Philly

A kiss without a mustache is like beef without mustard.
~ Italian Proverb

Hello all. We are back blogging again! It had been a busy week for us with me having to travel again. Last week I travelled via the America West Airline with a stopover in Phoenix, Arizona. So, for the blog I decided to get some Phoenix food.

Unlike other airlines, America West offer hot food on their In-Flight Cafe menu. I ordered the Phoenix Philly which costs $5 USD each.


The food came warm and wrapped in foil and a small packet of Horseradish. I did not care for the horseradish and did not touch it.


The Phoenix Philly is basically shaved roast beef served on Tuscan baquette. Phillies are originally made popular in the Philadelphia region by the Italian American community. The real secret of a great Philly is the long roll. Their crust has a medium texture, midway between the hard crust of a baguette and the wimpy crust of a packaged supermarket roll. And, the interior is soft, with a wonderful yeasty taste.


The Philly is topped with melted Swiss cheese and is served warm with dijonnaise. I opened up the sandwich and found that the roast beef is prepared just the way I like it — the middle is still pink and is medium rare.

It was a good meal. This sure beats the snack boxes from United Airlines.

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