First McDonalds in Canada

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It has been a while since we went to McDonalds. So, we went to the FIRST (no kidding!) McDonalds in Canada — which is also the FIRST McDonalds located outside of the US. This is located at No 3 and Granville. We were quite amazed when we first found out a few years ago that the first McDonalds outlet in Canada was in the city of Richmond. There is a plaque right by the condiments station that says that this outlet was opened in June 1st, 1967. The plaque also says that one of the first crew members of this outlet is now a Senior VP in McDonalds Canada. Today there are 1400 McDonald Restaurants all over Canada alone. Pretty amazing stuff.


The boys favourite is always the fries. They never had enough of them. We also ordered the double cheeseburger which was a deal at $3 for two double cheeseburgers. The cheeseburger was a disappointment because it looks so flat. Nanzaro’s favourite is the chicken McNuggets which came with the sweet and sour sauce. We also ordered the Big Mac. Total costs for the meal plus drinks was $16.




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  1. Larry

    It’s so cool that it’s the first one in Canada. I always go to that one. I feel so proud 🙂

  2. fmed

    (Sorry to dredge up this old posting…I just found it by accident.)

    I worked there briefly when I was in highschool :-).

    Did you know that the first Ikea in North America (and IIRC outside Sweden) is the one in Richmond as well? Am I wasting my brain space with this information? I think so.

    1. Ben

      Oh yeah? I remember reading that the IKEA in Richmond is the first in North America but wow, the world too? I too fill my brain space with this sort of info! Ben

      1. fmed

        Well now I had to check…nope I was wrong (this might be the first time ever!). The Ikea in Richmond was preceded by Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Australia and HK.

  3. LotusRapper

    Trivia Q: can anybody name the location of our first IKEA ? [wink]

  4. LotusRapper

    Reminds me of when I worked at McD’s (North Road & Austin in Coquitlam) during high school in 1982.

    That was when they first launched the McRib. It was awful. I even remember cooking it, basically a piece of white, tasteless pork formed to look like it has “ribs”, slathered with a gloppy, sweet BBQ sauce and fried onions on top. Yick.

    But otherwise the menu in those days was so simple: Big Mac, Q-Pounder, Filet-o-Fish and regular hamburger. That’s it. No McChicken nor McNuggets yet.

  5. Dw smith

    Nuggets and McChicken definitely existed in 1982. I lived off of them at the small McDonalds at CFB Borden. They only had deep fryers, no grills.

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