Bosch Benvenuto B30 Espresso Machine

You can’t take the milk back from the coffee.
~ Jamaican Proverb

One of the perks of working in my new office is the Expresso machine. I simply need a cup of caffeine every morning. It make a decent cuppa and is fully automatic — that’s that part I like about it.


The machine is called the Bosch Benvenuto B30 Espresso Machine. I was told it that it costs about $2000 each but checking Froogle, I found that the average prices were about $1300 USD. The beauty is that it makes a great cup in 30 seconds with just a press of a button — it’s that easy.

It came with a built-in grinder and a cup warming surface which is so essential to an authentic coffee flavour. If your passion is espresso, cappuccino, lattes, mochas, coffees or any of the most requested drinks at the local Starbucks, you can count on this entry level machine.

When the coffee button is pressed, the machine will grind just the right amount of coffee beans, place the grounds into the brewing system, extract your coffee or espresso, and clean up after itself in one complete step.


Oh, how I wish we have one at home too!

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  1. rodolfo

    i bought a benvenuto b30, but i don’t know how to make a good coffee; sometimes it gets too strong and in other times so soft….help! 😀

    1. Ben

      Hi Rodolfo:
      That machine broke down already after years of use. I remembered that the B30 need special beans (less oilier ones) or it will end up clogging the pipes. We clean it very often too … did you get the cleaning tablets too? Missed that machine. It was too heavy duty for home or I would love to have one at home.

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