DQ’s Shrimp Basket

Updated: 04 Feb 2015; This restaurant is closed.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do
~ unknown

Sigh … been working in Atlanta the whole week and am seriously missing Suanne’s food! I sure look forward to coming home this weekend and have a simple bowl of noodle soup — nothing fancy, just plain noodle soup!

There were so much I need to do here that I did not have much of a chance to have a good nice Atlantan meal. So, it’s pretty much food catered for the meetings and food at the mall.

After another long day at the office, I just went over to the Cumberland Mall across the road to grab a quick bite from the food court. At the food court, there was this nice big banner with big delicious prawns that caught my attention. Sure, I thought, why not try the DQ’s Shrimp Basket.

I expected it served in a basket, like the picture on the banner but as always, what you get is not exactly the same as what is advertised. The Shrimp Basket should be called the Shrimp BOX.


I am surprised by the size of the serving and the number of shrimps. They are deep fried and was served with fries. It looks very inviting, but does it taste good? Well … I find that North American shrimp is nothing much like those from SE Asia which tastes a bit more … shrimpy.


The shrimps also comes with a dipping sauce and a small bowl of coleslaw. The coleslaw was terrible. I threw it away. The meal costs less than US$5. Not a bad deal. However, it’s not something I’ll go looking for again.


Just can’t wait to get home!

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