Hou Lok Restaurant on Cambie, Richmond

We all like lamb; each has a different way of cooking it.
~ Chinese Proverb

Ever had one of those days when you have planned to eat out but do not know where to go? Well, Suanne always insists that we eat out on the weekends because she says that since I get the weekend off work, she deserves the weekend off herself too. Last weekend we cruised along No 3 Road and were not sure where we were heading to. I came across this little unassuming place right across from the new Aberdeen Mall (and just right next to the T&T Supermarket) along Cambie.


We were early and were their first customer for dinner. Needless to say, service were prompt. You tend to know that the food is really authentic when you see tacky looking hand written menus plastered all over the place — the Hou Lok Restaurant was one such place.


We ordered the Chicken Ball in Szechuan sauce. This is spicy and is cooked with lots of onions and green pepper. We liked the gravy/sauce in particular — goes great with steamed rice.


We also ordered the spicy long beans. Another spicy dish. The waitress were surprised we ordered two spicy dishes when we had our two youngs along. Well, they boys really like spicy food and so, it’s not a problem for them. The long beans were great, I enjoyed it a lot. My mum makes a lot of them when I grew up in Malaysia but I so rarely eat this, I perhaps ate this once every two years!! Yummy!


We wanted a hotpot dish … very good especially when the day is cold and when we wanted lots of “chap” for the rice. So, we ordered something we have never tried before — the lamb with beancurd stick hotpot. It was not too bad but frankly, we would order some other hotpot the next time. The beancurd was nice but the lamb and gravy is a thad too “lamb” for our liking.


Overall, a nice meal although there were too much food. The menu is extensive but since we can’t read Chinese, we miss out on the more exotic dishes. The price is just about average, We plan to eat at this place again sometime and try out their other dishes.

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    Thank you for such a wonderful site. I really love the step my step instructions and the pictures of the food. I’m going to recommend this site on my blogs. You made me very hungry.

  2. suki

    those beans look SO YUMMY.

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