Congee Noodle King Seafood Restaurant on Kingsway

Arkensen is away camping this weekend and it’s one of those rare moments that Nanzaro can be the boss around the house. Although we know he misses his big brother but he cherishes times when he has 100% of our attention. So, this weekend he gets to choose where to eat out without his brother overruling him.

Nanzaro insisted on “Asian Food” and he wanted to go to a restaurant which we have never been to before. So, we recommended a nice Indian restaurant we always wanted to try out. But Nanzaro insisted that Indian food is NOT Asian food. This cracks us up as we found a blog just yesterday called “Indians Are Asians”. That was a very funny site, you should check it out here:

We ended up the Congee Noodle King Seafood Restaurant which is located along Kingsway at the intersection with Joyce. I wanted congee. It was past almost 1pm when we got there — the restaurant was packed and like most popular Chinese restaurant, it was very busy and noisy. The wait was not too long — just about 10 minutes.


Nanzaro has never been too adventurous when it comes to food. He always ordered the same food — ham yee gai lup chow fan (salted fish and diced chicken fried rice). Price was $7.25. It was a big serving enough for even two adults.


Suanne ordered mixed (i.e. dry) noodles and chose the hot chilli minced pork mixed noodle. She wanted something spicy but the minced pork was not spicy at all. However, the noodles were excellent in that it was really thin and not soggy. The dish comes with a clear broth — $6.25.


For myself, I ordered the House Special Seafood Congee. It was really nice and has quite a bit of large prawns, scallop, squid and fish. It was really nice. The price for this dish was $6.25.


I think we will come to this restaurant again. We saw quite a few unique dishes which looks so yummy on the neighboring tables. We will try their cheong fun and jung (glutinous rice dumpling).

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  1. sally

    Ham Yee anything fried rice is very adventurous! Trust me!

  2. John Loke

    Ai yi yi! No wonder you don’t bother coming back! The food looks so good (I’m sure they taste even better!) Sigh! If only I could taste them…

  3. Ben

    Hey John: Surprised to see you lurking on Suanne’s blog. The food looks good but it’s still not the same as the stuff I grew up with. We do get a lot of varieties in Vancouver … Vancouver being such a diverse city. Do visit often.

  4. karen

    I love that restaurant. Thinking about the spicy salt (deep-fried) tofu is making my mouth water.

  5. Suanne

    Hi Karen: Have you been to the Congee Noodle King too? Small world …

  6. wilson lu

    what is there to eat @_@

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