Egg Florentine Version 2

OK, here is my second attempt in making Egg Florentine. I has earlier tried making it but it turned out looking really funny. I rechecked the recipe and I think what I did wrong was the fact I overcooked the eggs into hard-boiled ones. So, for this time I use one of those plastic thingy that I imported all the way from Malaysia which makes perfect soft-boiled eggs.


It’s very easy making soft-boiled eggs using this thingy … I just place the eggs inside the container and then I poured boiling water into the container to the right level indicated on the sides. You can cook up to 4 eggs at a time. I then just covered the container and waited till the water in the egg compartment completely dripped into the compartment below.

Remember to bring the egg temperature to room temperature first.


The above are the soft boiled eggs cooked from the gadget, perfectly cooked.


Here is my Egg Florentine Version 20. I still found that the egg yoke was over cooked when the Egg Florentine came out from the oven. Does anyone know how can I improvise this? Anyway, it looks slightly better this time, don’t you think?

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  1. Sally

    You should join the BlogAdvance forums they have a section on cooking and I think your recepies and cooking skills would be benefcial to the forum.

  2. Suanne

    Hi Sally:
    Thanks for the tip. I will check that forum out.

  3. sally

    every eggs florentine I’ve seen involve poached eggs resting on a nest of sauteed or steamed a spinach with a white sauce on top.

  4. Ruby

    hello! just popped in today. My mother use coffe maker to make spring eggs! (eggs that still has a soft yoke)
    just pace the eggs under the dripper of the coffee maker and by the time a cup or so is done, the egg is probaly just right!

  5. Johan

    I’ve been looking for a container like that. What’s the brand of it, and is it really only sold in Malaysia?

    // Johan

  6. Suanne

    Hi Johan,
    I brought the container from Malaysia. I am sure that they are available almost anywhere, especially plastic ware peddlers. I can’t recall exactly where we bought it from.

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