Crab and Smelt in Richmond Public Market

Note: The latest post about the Richmond Public Market is of February 2011 and is found on this link.

For some reason, I am thinking of seafood – specifically smelt and crabs. So, I went to the Richmond Public Market because their food is so cheap. I like smelt especially the ones with roes. I’ve Suanne to make it at home but we just can’t find such smelt (with roes). Anyone knows where to get them? I see a lot of smelt in the supermarket selling frozen smelt but they all are not pregnant.


I also got myself some crabs — salt and pepper crabs. Each dish costs $6. It looks good but there’s very little meat and is a bit too dry on some part.


You know, we can cook crabs ourselves but it’s just that we have never cut up a live crab before. Suanne don’t mind cooking and she had some recipes at hand too but her condition is that I do the killing. Can someone tell me what is the proper way to cut up a live crab?


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  1. Rachel Wong

    Hi Ben
    You don’t have to kill the crabs. Buy from superstore / any chinese supermarkets and let them do the cleaning and killing. Just make sure these crabs are cooked on the same day.

  2. Ben

    Oh yeah, Rachel? I didn’t know that they cut and clean for you. We’ll try it one of these days. Hey, thanks for visiting this blog. You want to share some of your secrets on this blog?
    Ben and Suanne

  3. Katie

    Did you get these two dishes from the food court? If so, which one did you get it from? They look very appetizing!

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