No 1 Beef Noodle House at Willingdon and Moscorp

Suanne and I went to a new place for lunch. For those of you familiar with the Willingdon/Moscorp area in Burnaby, you might know of where the Orchid Delight Singaporean restaurant used to be. It seems like Orchid Delight had closed and in it’s place is this new Taiwanese Beef Noodle House.

The restaurant is simply called No 1 Beef Noodle House. We were very impressed with the changes that the owner made to the interior. It was very modern and upbeat. The address of this restaurant is 4741 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby. You know, I highly recommend you checking out this restaurant.


What we like about this restaurant was that not only the food was excellent but the price was very OK. The restaurant is clean and the service was prompt. We were surprised how busy the place was even though it was newly opened. There is a wait for tables at the peak of lunch time — very much like what you see in dim sum restaurants on a weekend. The bad thing about this restaurant is that parking is a challenge at peak lunch hour.


Suanne ordered their popular dish — the Beef Brisket Noodle in Spicy Soup which costs $6.25. There were big chucks of beef brisket which was quite tender. What we like about the way this is served is that they provided a deep wooden spoon — just excellent for slurping the spicy soup.


They served this dish with flat egg noodle. The waitress warned us that it is very spicy but no, it was not as spicy as we expected. You simply MUST try this dish.



I ordered a rice dish and chose the Eggplant rice which costs $6.95. The eggplant was surprisingly very delicious in that you can even eat it without rice and still it does not tastes too salty. The dish comes along with two small sides of preserved vegetables.


The serving was large with lots of eggplants. I wish there are more rice. Looking around the other tables I see quite a few other rice dish which looked equally as appealing. I will most certainly come back again and try them out.


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  1. Mandy

    That looks divine, mouthwatering even! I so wish we had places like that over here *sigh*

  2. Cubby

    I wish I lived there so I could try some of the places you recommend. I can’t seem to find enough interesting places here in Texas.

  3. Suanne

    Hi Mandy, Cubby:
    You know, I was told that Vancouver simply has the best variety of food anywhere in North America. Have you been to Vancouver? It’s very cosmopolitan and there are all kinds of great restaurants around.

  4. sandra

    god, I just found that my husband’s car was in the first picture,it’s that black honda…….
    my husband’s brother works there, and I think that day he drove the car to work…..
    and more, the day you blogged this place was my birthday, gosh!

  5. Doug

    I just watch the CTV news and they said this was one of the dirtiest restaurant in Vancouver. They got shut down 6 times by Vancouver health inspectors!

    1. Ben

      Hi Doug:
      I just found the link. Gosh … this is so damning for No 1 Beef Noodle House (and Au Wing Kee too)! Here is the link everyone:

  6. LotusRapper

    Just spent more time than I should (or maybe not) checking out the VCH site that lists all the inspected establishments as well as detailed listings of inspections at *EACH* establishment, as well as the full report from each visit. Impressive site, with an easy-to-use search engine:

    Searching your favorite restaurants can become a bit addictive, however there’s always the risk of reading something you don’t want to see and know. Well, better safe than sorry !

    1. Ben

      That site doesn’t show restaurants in Burnaby. I could not find another site that does. Anyone knows?

      1. LotusRapper

        It does, Ben. Say you’re curious about Au Wing Kee (from the CTV news story) …. type in “Au Wing Kee” and you’ll see the link.

      2. LotusRapper

        My bad ! You are right, Ben. Burnaby is part of Fraser Health.

        I tried Au Wing Kee because it was mentioned in the CTV story, thinking they meant the one on Kingsway & Royal Oak, and I didn’t notice the “2568 Kingsway” address as I forgot they have another Vancouver outlet.

  7. Doug

    I’m pretty shock that CTV posted there names and did an interview with one of there employee. The employee clearly said there is rats in the restaurant and he was nervous. Do they realize that CTV just ruin there reputation forever? I’ve watch news everyday and this is the first time they actually run a story and is trying to ruin there business! Make you think that any time someone wants to destroy your company, although, its for the right reasons but you’ll never know when or where they would do it! I’m still shock because they’ll come to my restaurant and pretend to be a customer and might intentionally put a dead fly in the food and blame it on us and tape it, you just never know who watching or writing about you. I’m just curious can these restaurants sue them for damaging there restaurant? or did they know they were going to be in the story?

    1. LotusRapper


      Public health inspectors (and the public health regions) are there to ensure restaurant proprietors adhere to standardized health and food safety codes as part of their day-to-day business conduct. As you’ve wisely noted, it’s for the right reasons.

      The media, while can be “sensationalistic” at times, I don’t think in this case would gain anything from intentionally ruining any business by way of planting anything just to get “evidence” of code violations (which have *already* been committed by the restaurants they interview).

      If a violating business’ reputation is significantly damaged and its viability is diminished as a result of media coverage, I don’t think they should be entitled to sue for damages if there is already evidence of repeated code violations, and conducts that endanger public health.

      1. Doug

        “I don’t think in this case would gain anything from intentionally ruining any business by way of planting anything just to get “evidence” of code violations”

        What I mean is that a restaurant with no violation, a news reporter can plant bugs or whatever misconduct for a story. That is what I’m worried about because they are focusing on the restaurant industry, right now. Cough HST… the timing of it…. Anyways, I’ve seen desperate people do desperate things for attention, either for a story or anything. I’ve seen customers pull there own hair and put it on there food for free items. Thus, reporter “PLANT” bugs or whatever to make a story.

  8. Marike

    I have a different perpective as I personally know a health inspector.

    The last high rating was March 31st, 2009.

    Even when they were inspected again in June and October the public health inspector found many repeat code violations.

    To be cited this many code violations is not something to be taken lightly. Many of these items can be easily prevented if the operators have good procedures in place for staff to follow. Of course this has to be enforced by management. Their recent record tells me that the owners/managers don’t care about food safety or the health impacts on customers.

    The cycle is clear: inspector comes in, they fix the problems, then relapse back to old bad habits until the next inspection.

    I wouldn’t risk my health to eat here.

  9. Eric

    Sorry to be picky, but it’s MosCROP not MosCORP.

  10. Tee

    Can never seem to find parking here

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