Kedah House on SE Marine Drive

I was glad to see last month another Malaysian restaurant has opened on SE Marine Drive in Vancouver — just off the Knight Street Bridge. This Kedah House restaurant is owned by the same operator of the Kedah House along Fraser St. It looks like they are going to close the one along Fraser and moving (or have moved?) to this new larger premises. They have a website at and listed their menu … go check it out.


Unlike the many other Malaysian restaurants, this one is owned and operated by Malays. Most other Vancouver area restaurants are chinese owned. So this adds a lot of authenticity to the claim of being truly Malay restaurant.

Don’t expect too much in terms of decor or ambiance from this place. The food was not bad and the prices are, well, berpatutan (reasonable in Malay). We had been to the old restaurant several times before. This new place is surprisingly quite busy on a Saturday afternoon.

I ordered the Lamb Nasi Beryani which is basmati rice with aromatic spices and turmeric. Although it was flavourful, I was somewhat disappointed with the lamb — they are boney and does not have much meat at all. I prefer lamb meat in chunks. This dish is served with a bowl of curry.


Arkensen and Nanzaro wanted fried rice and opted for the Nasi Goreng Kedah (Kedah fried rice). This dish is served with a flat Malay-style omelette covering the entire dish.


Under the omelette was the crunchy fried anchovies. We could detect a unmistakable taste of sambal. Hmmm … it never quite occured to us but since we have a stash of sambal somewhere at home, Suanne said that she’ll try to experiment with some sambal dishes. This dish costs $9.50 — pretty expensive if you ask me.


Suanne ordered the Mee Goreng (simply, fried noodles Malay style). I grew up on these stuff and can never get tired eating this even though it’s all greasy and oily! They added some seafood but there were so little of it that we can hardly pick them out.


This dish costs $7.75. This would be better if they have some meat in them … like chicken, fish cakes, cuttle fish, prawns, etc.


All in all, not bad — am just glad there’s another Malaysian restaurant in Vancouver and so much more nearer our home in Richmond.

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  1. This is great, I live in Vancouver, and LOVE ethnic foods. I thought about starting a review site a long time ago, and am happy to see one out there about local cuisines.

  2. txsoapmom43

    Yum Yum! I’ve never had Malaysian food but I love Chinese so I think that I would like that too. We have a ton of Chinese restaurants around in TX but I’ve never seen any Malaysian.

  3. Ben

    Hi Ultimate Groupie: Hope you start a review site too. I like checking out “$$” (not “$$$”) restaurants around the GVRD. Any recommendations?

    Hi TXSoapMom: I just googled for “Malaysian Restaurants in Texas” and got quite a list. Check that out. I think you will like Malaysian food … they are spicy and hot!

  4. Vincent Chow

    Hi guys, I’m a Malaysian. The food you posted are quite common here especially the fried noodle. And I can tell you that it is extremely expensive. In Malaysia, a plate of fried noodle, a simple one I mean, only cost RM2-4, in a Mamak stall. Which means not more than $1. I was shock to see that it cost you $7.75. I can have many plates of noodle with $7.75, around 5-10 plates, lol. Anyway, thanks for posting something about Malaysia, and have a nice day.

  5. Ju-Anne

    Response to Vincent Chow:
    You’ve got to be kidding!
    How can u ever compare the price to the ones back in Malaysia? FYI, I just visited KL and I don’t think I could find a plate of noodle for RM2!
    Besides food cost, have you thought about overhead expenses and labour costs??

  6. Merlion in Vancouver

    Hello people,
    I am surprised at your comments about the price. People, firstly, we are NOT in Malaysia…so lets not compare and say that it is expensive here. Malaysian and Singaporean food is considered as exotic food here of course. imagine how much steaks cost back there. Also if you have never lived there or even visited there ever before, DON’T!!! do a food comparison. I personally think that the food here is fabulous. But is it exactly like home? Of course not. We are not in Malaysia. IS the price expensive compared to back home? I will be the first to admit that it is. But being from Malaysia and Singapore my whole life…the question to ask me is whether the food is good? And yes it is.

    Thank you.

    1. Susan

      Yes I do agreed with Mohamad and Merlion said. We cannot compared the price with Malaysia and here (Vancouver, Canada). Canada is Canada and Malaysia is Malaysia. Canada worker wages is pay weekly or bi-weekly and Malaysia worker wages is pay by monthly. So, how can you all compared it because the lifestyle is different.

      I am a Malaysian and I think the price for Malaysian food here are reasonable (not expensive and not cheap). Nowsaday the food in Malaysia hawker stall are no longer cheap.

  7. Mohamad from Vancouver

    I do agree with Merlion in Vancouver that we cannot compare the price of the same food in Malaysia. Through my experience eating dinner and lunch in Kedah House though not very regular, I found out that the price is considered reasonable. The food comparatively good. Perhaps my advise is that whenever we place our order we should enquire how it is prepared and state our preference.

    I do not have much qualm on the food but I think Kedah House need to have a certain standard on preparation of the food so that for example; the food served today should at least having the same standard of yesterday. Another observation is that, Kedah House need to improve the service.

  8. M.Sami

    Hi guys i was living in Malaysia since 1996 to 2006 and i tell you the food in Malaysia is realy cheap but i am not quit agree with kedah house price if you can eat one roti channi one ringgit Malaysian curency in Malaysia how can kedah house saling one roti channi $5?i am not compare Malaysian price here but if they sale one roti channi within $2 to $ 3 thats should be fine.

    1. Ben

      Hi M.Sami: It is either we pay $5 Canadian for roti canai or we don’t eat it at all. It is the same the other way round. Over here, salmon is quite affordable but in Malaysia, the price of salmon is probably a day’s salary for most people. Right?

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