$1 Breakfast in IKEA

I don’t think you could get a better breakfast deal in Vancouver than the Breakfast for a Dollar from IKEA. We have always wanted to try this out for the past few years and despite the fact that we have an IKEA just 10 minutes from home, we have never been to one.

We decided to check that out and since we were somewhere near Coquitlam, we went to that IKEA instead. This IKEA is much larger than the one in Richmond and is located along the Lougheed Highway. They have a large restaurant on the second floor.

When we were there at just after 10am, there were already a long line of people queuing up for the dollar breakfast. The breakfast is served from opening time until 11am everyday.


Service was very fast. The dollar breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, hash browns, two sausages, and a croissant. The croissant looks flattened and somewhat crispy and flaky. Is this how Swedish croissant is supposed to be? The serving was large and the food filling.


The coffee is 99 cents and you get unlimited refills. There are decaf’d and regular coffee. I am pretty fussy about my coffee but this coffee is really the kind I like.


There are also Penne Pasta in Marinara Sauce for 99 cents too. If I am not mistaken, it is served from 3pm to 5pm. We’ll definite try this one of these days.

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  1. mt

    i love the ikea cafe. where else can you get swedish meatballs, buttery potatoes and lingonberry jam for four bucks? and it’s actually pretty tasty.

    1. Charlie

      I went to the one in Richmond today but no Swedish meatballs at all, only small hot dogs, pizza and pop, coffee and frozen yogurt.

  2. fawn

    IKEA, that store name sounds familiar. If i’m not mistaken, this store was featured in The Amazing RAce =) (i don’t know if you watched that show). If i’m not mistaken, this is the largest stores? All i remember is that they sell furnitures.. are there other?

  3. shirley

    Ooh, what a good deal. I’ll try the Ikea near New York someday & see if it’s as good a deal!

  4. Suanne

    Hi MT: Yeah, I know. The next time, Suanne will buy them lingoberry jam and serve it with salmon the same way they did it on the restaurant.

    Hi fawn: We love Amazing Race and watches EVERY show. I remembered that one in Sweden in IKEA — that was last season wasn’t it. BTW, I hate Jon/Victoria and love “Romber”. IKEA sells furnitures but they do have a restaurant also. Check them out.

    Hi Shirley: Just checked the IKEA NY. Seems like they also have a 99 cents breakfast but their picture looks better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Rosa

    Suanne: We don’t have an Ikea down here. I miss all the fun cheap stuff. Never ate there tho. (P.S. Sorry about not taking a pic of the food–I always forget at the table and the one of the brunch set up didn’t come out, too dark! I don’t know how much it was, the hub paid for it!! hehe) Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! {{hugs}}

  6. Bug

    Wow that’s not a bad deal! I’ma have to see if they do that in Arizona :o) Nice blog btw!

  7. fawn

    So, it is IKEA ๐Ÿ™‚ Ahh, and i rememberd that’s the race wtih the wrestling team as well as Victoria and jon ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Suanne

    Hi Rosa: You are soooo lucky to have a family treating you to brunch is such a nice place!

    Hi Bug: Errr … nice site you have there! I just checked the Tempe AZ IKEA site and they do have a better deal than us in Vancouver.

    Hi Fawn: I feel bad for Victoria. Jon just treated her like trash … no worse than trash.

  9. Russell

    I noticed you said they serve breakfast from 10am. I acctually wanted to mention that they serve breakfast from 9:30am (an hour and a half before the store opens) every day except saturday when they serve breakfast at 8:30. =)

  10. Charlie

    Does the restaurant open earlier than the store itself? I ask this because it makes no sense that it would start serving it before the store opens unless they are aiming to feed their employees.

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