Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese

We first discovered Tillamook cheese last year when we travelled throughout Oregon last spring. Tillamook is a county in north western Oregon and is famous for it’s rich grassland, tourism and of course, it’s cheese. There is a Cheese Factory that is opened to the public and is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Oregon. The best part was the cheese tasting!

We have been trying to buy Tillamook cheese in Vancouver but has so far not been successful. Does anyone living in Vancouver area know where one could buy it? These days, everytime we pop over to Washington state, we would buy a pound of two.

Our favourite is the Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese.


Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese blends the mellow essence of Monterey Jack with the spicy “zing” of jalape?o peppers to create a flavor that both comforts and invigorates. We can even see pepper seeds embedded in the cheese but they are not really spicy.


We prefer to cube the cheese as a snack — great for road trips and a favourites with Nanzaro and Arkensen.


We visited Harrison Hot Spring last weekend with a new friend, Sunny and stopped by the Sasquatch Provincial Park for a picnic. The cheese was perfect …


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  1. Angel

    MMMMM! Now that cheese looks heavenly. I love cheese!

  2. Omni

    I LOVE that cheese!! I had it 1st in Oregon, as my husband has family there; luckily, we’re able to buy it in San Diego. We went to the Cheese Factory too!! 🙂

  3. Suanne

    Hello Angel: We are new to cheese. Being Asians, cheese does not figure in our diet. Any tips?

    Hi Omni: That cheese factory was amazing right? If not for the education, we would not have bothered with Tillamook cheese.

  4. Matt

    I loved living in Canada but I must say, I was always disappointed by the cheese quality. Being from Washington, Tillamook cheers has always been a favorite and I could never find anything like it up in BC. Not really sure why though.

  5. Karen

    I was a little disappointed with Tillamook cheddar, but maybe because I had heard so much about it and it didn’t live up to the hype. I thought it was closer to Velvetta than real cheddar, but maybe some people prefer that. Armstrong all the way! The ice cream and yogurt were yummy though. 🙂

  6. Suanne

    Hi Karen: We love Tillamook cheese but have never tried Amstrong. We will check it out one day. Buy BC right? 🙂

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