Funnel Cakes near Harrison Hot Spring

Over the weekend we decided to make a trip to the Harrison Hot Spring to visit the Tournament of Champions Sand Sculpture Competition. The Harrison Hot Spring is about 1.5 hrs away. We invited along Sunny who has just landed in Vancouver just a couple of weeks ago. It’s always great to show new friends what Vancouver has to offer.

Oh the way there, about 10 minutes before we got to Harrison Hot Spring, we saw an eye-catching sign in bold yellow and red advertising Funnel Cakes.


So, we stopped by on the way back to check it out (even though we were so full from the picnic). The small stand was manned by an old man who explained to us what Funnel Cakes are.


Apparently, Funnel Cakes are a popular food of the Amish, you know, the religious people Swiss-German ancestry in Pennsylvania. They are better known as the people who shun the use of cars, electricity and other modern stuff.

The Funnel Cake are made by pouring batter through a funnel into hot oil in a circular pattern and deep frying it until golden-brown. They are often served with icing sugar, jam or other toppings. This store serves it with so much icing sugar that we got powder all over our clothes and pants! It was really nice. We bought two for $5.


Oh yes, I just can’t resist showing off the pictures I took from the sand castle tournament. The sculptures were amazing. Only previous champions were invited to this three day competition. The sculptors were given three days to design and then sculpt from a packed/compressed block of sand.

Have you ever wondered why you can almost never make such sand castles on a beach on a sea side? Let me know if you want to know why … it’s something I learnt from the people at the competition.


Click on the link below for the rest of the sand castle picture. Enjoy!








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  1. tomawesome

    yes I want to know sand castle sculpting secrets… please share what you learned!

  2. Ben

    Hi Tomawesome: Well, the difference is in the sand. You see, sands from the seaside are generally rounded from the years of being “polished” from constant wave movements. However, sand from a lake (like in Harrison Hot Spring) were more rough and jagged. These type of sands holds water better which in turn helps the sand keeps it’s shape. Hope you understand.

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