Hans Freitag’s Desiree Assortment of Wafers

We normally don’t care too much for cookies off the store shelves. We felt that they are simply loaded with too much sugar and trans fat. So we normally skip the cookies aisle during grocery shopping.

A friend at work introduced the Desiree Wafers from Hans Freitag last week to me. It was surprisingly very different from other wafers that I’ve tried. They were lights, crunchy and not too sweet. Both Arkensen and Nanzaro loves it.

We found the Desiree at the Big Crazy grocery store along No 3 in Richmond. Each bag of 400g costs $2.99.


Hans Freitag opened a small wafer factory in Germany just one year after the end of WWII, They specialize only in making cookies and wafers. Today the company is still family owned and their product range has now grown up to 50 types of cookies and wafers.


In the Desiree bag, there are about six different types of wafers. Some of them were chocolate coated while some were filled with chocolates. Others were simply vanilla creams.


15 thoughts on “Hans Freitag’s Desiree Assortment of Wafers

  1. I buy these all the time at Fairway Markets, a locally owned chain of supermarkets here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I love them. Though my waistline really doesn’t like them one bit.

  2. I have been looking for the Hans Freitag Desiree wafers all over but I can’t find them. I live in Minnesota and would love to buy some. Can you help?

  3. These beautiful biscuits have disappeared from the shelves of Sainsburys,Arnold,Notts,UK. Where can I get them?

  4. I just bought these at Big Lots, they are EXCELLENT
    At 52 years of age, they became my number one snack
    food of all time. They melt in your mouth like cotton candy

  5. This week I have purchased two 400g bags at 90p of your scrumptious Desiree biscuits from Tesco,Hook, Hampshire,UK. They have now disappeared from their shelves. I am heart broken ! Have I a solution please ?

  6. We love your Wafelmischung. I have bought them back to America for my grandchildren. Please let me know if I can buy them online. Thank you, Hanna

    • I have been enjoying your Deiree for a short time- my favourite biscuit. I decided to look at the ingredients today and found to my horror that you still make them with Hydrogenated fat. This fat causes furred arteries, blocking them and causing strokes and heart attacks. As I have a cholesterol problem and have been warned about the dangers of hydrogenated fat I’ve just thrown the last of my packet out to the birds.

      PLEASe could you get rid of the Hydrogenated fat it has been more or less banned in Britain because of the health dangers. If it cost more to replace this fat with sometjhing more expensive I think most people would be happy because the are such a delicious biscuit.
      best wishes
      Eirwen Fletcher

  7. We would like to know how to order. We picked up the vanille milch at Epcot and loved them but know of no other place to buy them.

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