No Post for Yesterday and Today

Hello all … the PC at home stopped working yesterday. It has been getting increasingly eratic the past two weeks. The system got too slow and of late IE requires a few starts before it launches. Yesterday, it just refuses to launch at all!! Ditto with FireFox.

We decided to reformat the whole machine. So, we’re not posting today having spent the good part of today backing up the hard disk and will shortly reinstall the programs. Gosh! The photos itself took four whole DVDs — I shudder to think how long it’ll take to restore them all.


Come back tomorrow?

Suanne and Ben

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  1. TW

    Hope the computer feels better soon!

  2. Ben

    Hi TW: Sigh … well, the backup did not work! Grrrrr. I lost a few months worth of photos, many of them keepers too. I am seriously thinking now of buying one of those hard disk backups. I simply have too many pictures and it’s too time consuming to back them all up!

  3. TW

    Oh yuck! Photo loss is COMPLETELY the worst aspect of any computer illness or death.

  4. LotusRapper

    BTW Ben & Suanne, I’ve been meaning to say what a fantastic foodie blog you have. I really like the variety of foods, restaurants and non-food related writeups, as well as your “family” touch. CT will (or is already) an essential part of my daily balanced blog diet 😀

    Keep up the great work. I hate visiting CT when I’m hungry, haha !!


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