Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat is a very popular Japanese sports drink.

The first time I heard about Pocari Sweat was through a comment someone made on our entry on Ice Cool Sports Drink. We checked the net for Pocari Sweat and what we found was pretty amusing. Just just gotta try it and see for ourselves what it actually is.

We found Pocari Sweat in the Big Crazy Chinese grocery store in Richmond quite by accident. I must say it was pretty pricey. A small bottle costs $2.50. We bought just one to try.


Contrary to the name and the translucent color of the water, it is NOT made of sweat and NEITHER does it taste like sweat too. It has a relatively sweet and mild taste — quite like Seven-Ups with no gas and milder.


Well, if this has been cheaper, we would have bought this on a regular basis but certainly not $2.50 for this small bottle. Gatorade is much, much cheaper.


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  1. Robert Sanzalone

    I love it when North Americans discover real Japanese culture. When you live in Japan, it’s the first thing newcomers are shocked about. That, and another excellently named drink called Calpis. We always raz the newcomers about this.

    Interestingly, these names and drinks are as disgusting and comical to us as “Root Beer” is to the Japanese. It’s all about perspective.

    (BTW, my favourite Japanese soft drink is called Mets – yes, an exact ripoff of the American baseball team).

  2. MrAl

    I had this drink but it was a powder version. I didn’t like it. It’s the taste that gets to me. It is a good drink but it taste awful to me.

  3. Ben

    Hi Rob: You should know better. I have never been to Japan before but is on my 100 places to visit before I die.

    Hi Mr Al: Is there a powder version. I’ll look out for it and try it. Wanted to see what you mean by awful!

  4. JYap

    Pocari Sweat is a sports/ isotonic drink, something like 100 Plus. I may say that it tastes like the oral dehydration drink prescribed by doctors. Calpis is sweeter and also comes in concentrated liquid form. There are many such beverages in Japan, suggesting that Japanese are always dehydrated (from chasing after too many trains)! hehehe Other names (though not comical to me) are like Aquarius, Amino Supli, VAAM, etc It’s good for Ben after your bike session.

  5. Robert Sanzalone

    Just read JYap. Makes me think exactly like what the Japanese say about here – there are so many gyms and weight loss programs on TV and billboards in Canada and the U.S. – must be because they’re all FAT over there. Hmmmmm…. makes you wonder if a country’s stereotype of another country are actually correct….

  6. JYap

    Robert, that’s because most people in the US/ Canada are big meat eaters; while most restaurant meals always come in big portion.

    I lost 6kg after coming to Japan …. cos they are all fish eaters and their bento (takeout lunchbox) is just enough to feed your cat! Spaghetti Bolognaise cost US$9 per plate and just enough amount for your toddler.

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