Hans Freitag’s Noblesse Assortment of Biscuits and Wafers

Suanne and I had the chance to go for a short walk in the Deer Lake park in Burnaby last weekend. It has been a while since we visited this park in the middle of Burnaby. I somehow clearly remember it was about four years ago — don’t really know why it stuck to my mind so much, odd.

Since we blogged about Hans Freitag’s Desiree Wafers and researched about Hans Freitag’s products, we bought a different type of their product to try. We like wafers a lot. The one below is a bag of mixture of biscuits (or in Canadian, cookies) and wafers.

I like times like these — when we have really nothing to do at the park and just sit by the picnic tables and just nibbled and chatted meaningless stuff. The weather was perfect on that Saturday.


There are seven different types of biscuits and wafers. I personally don’t care much about biscuits and so picked on the wafers only. Suanne like the biscuits, especially the one with jam in the middle. Arkensen and Nanzaro loves the other biscuits. I still prefer the Desiree product over thos Noblesse.


We walked along the trail on the southern part of the Deer Lake. Saw some ducks (what do you call these ducks anyway?) and took some pictures. They are so used to people and allow me to move very close them without getting them startled.


We expected a lot more people here on a weekend but it was very quiet. Don’t you sometimes hate it when there so many people that you gotta say “hi” every ten steps! 🙂


If you want to see more pictures we took in the Deer Lake Park, click on the link below. Enjoy!

The Burnaby Art Gallery …


Shadbolt Center for the Arts. This place is awesome. There were so many budding musicians in this one building.


There was a small exhibit of clay models by students … some of them are really good like the one below.


A view of the Shadbolt Center for the Arts from the Deer Lake.


More duck pictures …


Mum and and ducklings …


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  1. xun

    The site is getting more and more appealing and delicious. Wonder how you get all the time and skills to do all those the beautiful pictures and foods. It must be such a joy always thinking, writing about and making pleasant foods.

  2. Suanne

    Hi Xun: Thanks for the repeat visit. You have an interesting site too. We had young children and reading your blog reminds us when our boys were at your girl’s age. Well, Ben is the photographer and he takes his camera everywhere. For me, I don’t work and have more time especially when my boys are more independent now.

  3. Ardy McIntosh

    I want to know if Hans Freitag “Klasse Wafers assortiti” are available in the U.S.

  4. Ben

    Hi Ardy: I am not sure if the Hans Freitag wafers are sold in the US (I am in Canada). We will be in Seattle in a couple of weeks. We’ll check it out for you.

  5. garnet

    Oh I love your site, and I think the Hans Freitag wafers are superb! They cost about $6.80 in Singapore…

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