Atlanta Trip Report Day 4

I woke up late today and skipped breakfast. There were more meetings today and I also forego lunch until I got to the Atlanta Airport at 3pm. There were lots of choices at the airport.

I would normally get something quick like a sandwich or pizza but decided this time to take the train two concourse away where there is a bigger food court with proper tables. I had the Spaghetti with Meatballs Combo which included a salad and a drink.

The spaghetti is nothing special but I like the big meatballs. That big piece you see down there is not chicken breast — but it sure does look like one, isn’t it? It’s a piece of bread — not sure what you call that type of bread. It reminded me of the Indian naan bread.


The Combo included a salad and I chose Blue Cheese for dressing. The salad does not look fresh at all. The costs is just above USD $10.


See that two dark blobs at the top of the picture below? I had dreaded for this day. Dusts got into the sensor of my camera. I hate to pay people to clean it but at the same time I have heard of horror stories of do-it-yourselves. Tell me, what should I do?


Took the picture below of Pheonix. This is a rare shot, I tell you because Pheonix is located right in the middle of a desert. It looks lush, doesn’t it?


Got delayed on the Pheonix-Vancouver leg. It took almost 30 minutes to taxi to the runway. Must have been a very busy time of the day. Look at the picture below … there’s a line of eight planes all waiting to take-off.


I’ll be travelling to London tomorrow night and will blog about my London trip on Saturday. I had some good tips from my blog readers on my trip to Atlanta. Any tips for the trip to London? I was so busy I did not have time to think about that trip. I have never been to London before. So, tell me what should I try for food? If I only have two days of sightseeing, what do you recommend I visit?

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  1. Maritza

    London! You must try “Bubble and Squeak” which is leftover stuffing pan fried with any left overs from the night before. Wonderful! English food is known to be unappetizing and not pretty to look at. Try having sandwiches at pubs and the Indian food is the best in the world outside of (obviously) India. It’s such a cosmopolitan city, you’ll be able to find great places to eat cheaply.

    Sheperds Pie, Steak and Kidney Pie, Bangs and Mashers. (Can you tell I haven’t had dinner?) Fish and Chips! English food isn’t that bad, after all!

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