London Trip Report “Dinners”

Well, the fun ended and it’s back to work and training for a week in London. It was not easy at all.

The 4-day training was a serious, no-nonsense affair. Considering the time difference between Vancouver and London, I had my training starting at 12 midnight! It was pretty tough staying awake.

By the time the training ended at 5pm, that’s when the people in Vancouver and Atlanta starts their working hours. The emails keep pouring in — there’s no way that I can take it easy at all. So, dinners for those days were quickies around where I stay.


I was dead tired on this day and was really hungry. I couldn’t bring myself out for dinner and instead called for room service. I wanted meat but the selection on the menu had only one real meat item. I can’t believe it.


I can’t recall what this is called. It’s half a chicken with roasted chilli paste on it. Although the serving was not huge but I did not finish it at all. I guess I was not really in the mood to eat. I hardly touched the fries at all.



This costs 16 GBP.


For this night, again I did not feel like going out for dinner. Instead, I ordered delivery from a nearby Indian Restaurant called the Sipson Tandoori Restaurant . The delivery came in paper bags which I thought was pretty dumb. It was because the greasy curry were spilling all over the insides and very seeping out — it was a mess.


I ordered three different items. I had the Balti Chicken (7.95 GBP). The Balti is cooked with light ginger and garlic, tomatoes, peppers and onions with freshly ground spices and herbs. It was thick, rich and flavourful.

I also ordered the Mixed Vegetable Curry for 2.80 GBP and Pilaw Rice for 2.10 GBP. The Pilaw rice was great because it has been a few days since I had rice! The pilaw rice is basmati rice cooked in ghee.


On the side, I ordered the Garlic Naan for 1.95 GBP. Naan is leavened bread baked in clay oven. It goes well with the curry.


The papadum was free. Should be crunchy but it was quite soggy.


It was a good dinner.


Having eaten in the room for the past two days, I decided to walk to the nearby pub for dinner. I have never been inside a real English Pub before. It was an experience. Apparently food is sold in the pub at the back. The menu was extensive and the serving were huge.

I decided on the Best English Liver and Bacon because (1) it says that it’s Best, (2) it’s English, and (3) it’s liver! There were two big pieces of liver which was quite tasty, I must admit. The bacon was different from what I am used to in Canada. Here the bacon was a piece, not in strips.


Pheasant Restaurant and Public House on Urbanspoon


On the second last day of the training, the company paid for a dinner in a nice Italian restaurant for all the attendees. We went to the Il Basilico on Sipson Rd.

For starters, we had mozarella, kalamari and mushrooms.


For the main I ordered chicken with fusilli (can’t remember the real name).


Here’s the attendees of the project management course. Most of the attendees are from all over Europe and are PMs in airport systems. There are only two attendees from North America.


For dessert, I had ice-cream. Oh yeah, I also had for the first time in my life a half glass of the Italian Grappa. Whew! It was strong … 50% alcohol content!


We had a great time and had a lot of learnings from each other over the week.

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  1. Rosa

    Who ever said the English didn’t know good food! I love their food. Yorkshire pudding is the best! (I even had some as an appetizer while in London last! What a great idea for dipping!) And Indian, oh they have the best ever. Thanks for sharing all the pics. I heart London!!

  2. Ben

    So, that’s what that cup like pastry thingy is. The Yorkshire Pudding tastes a lot like regular buns to me. Maybe there’s more to it but I guess the once I was served wasn’t too great.

  3. Ben

    Hi Rukya: Glad you found my site. You know what, despite my comments of “dumb” packaging, your father’s food is among the best Indian cuisine I have ever tasted. The servings are large too — I like large serving … value for money! If ever I’m in London again, I will definitely order from Sipson Tandoori!

  4. Rukya, London

    My father founded SIPSON TANDOORI RESTAURANT and GRAPES TANDOORI RESTAURANT (one of the first Indian restaraunts in London), and they are still run by my family. Glad you enjoyed the takeaway, but the “dumb” paper bags are very traditional of Indian restaurants and so is the rest of the packaging. The heat of the curries make the poppadoms slightly soggy, so request separate packaging. For your knowledge, both of my restaurants are nominated for the British Curry Awards.

  5. Rukya, London

    You should visit the restaurants instead, you’d have a great time… with no “dumb” paper bags!

  6. Ben

    I will Rukya, If I get the chance to go to London again, I will definitely visit your dad’s restaurants and blog about it! Again, I must compliment the food your dad made. They were delicious!

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