Picnic at Boundary Bay Regional Park

Polly initiated a get together among a few of families this weekend. We have been getting together for a gathering the past couple of summers. The amazing thing is that we had only gotten to know each other through a mailing list I created in 2000.

This summer we met at the Boundary Bay Regional Park, just south of Richmond and near the US border. We took a spot on the beach.

As always, our gathering has been centered around food! Each of the families brought a dish or two to share. Suanne brought the spinach dip and baguette.


Suanne also made chicken curry, Malaysian style. For this she used the famous Malaysian Baba’s Meat Curry Powder. Malaysian curry are rich because of the coconut milk used. She also cooked Basmati rice to go along with the curry. Basmati rice is perfect as it has a drier texture and goes great with the curry.


CJ and his family brought marinated drumsticks and chicken wings. I am not sure what marinade they used. They also brought some corns.


Whatever it is that is used for marinade, the chicken was awesome. It was juicy and very fleshy. Although CJ brought a lot for BBQ, we actually finished every single piece of it.


Polly brought her special aluminum foil wrapped mushroom. We had this when we last met and it was fabulous. So, I asked that Polly make this again. This seems like a very simple dish to make.


I can’t recall what Polly used for the marinade. She uses enoki mushrooms, button mushrooms and some sliced onions. It was great. (BTW, Polly, could you let me know what marinade you used?) Answer from Polly: The sauce was hoisin sauce.


Jessica made Mee Siam. Mee Siam is a popular Singaporean thin rice noodle (vermicelli) dish. It’s typically spicy and sour sweet in taste. She made it extra spicy — just the way we liked it. For garnishing, she used hardboiled eggs, prawns and fried tofu puff. It looked very pretty and tastes even better.


Polly also brought some pork chop. The pork chop was chunky. BBQ’ing this was pretty easy. We love this too. I think Polly had some left-over but I guess by then everyone was already too full to eat anymore!


Rachel brought some watermelon and sausages. I was too busy eating to take shots of Rachel’s dishes.

Polly, thanks for organizing this one. It was great meeting everyone again this summer. We are looking forward to another one!!

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  1. Larry

    Dropped in from BlogMad — food looks excellent — know the area well. Hope you had a good time.

  2. LotusRapper

    Man that looks good. Always get hungry just looking at your photos !

  3. polly

    Hi Ben, Good shoot,clear and tempting to see it.The marinated sauses for mushroom is’ Hoisen Sause ‘.

  4. Ben

    Hi Larry: Vancouverite huh? Hmmmmm. 🙂

    Hi Lotus Rapper: Glad to know you’re still hanging around our blog.

    Hi Polly: I simply love your mushrooms. Want to know what marinade you’ll try next! 🙂

  5. Suanne

    Hi Windy, I’ve watched some of Gordon Ramsay’s food shows on TV and he is a pretty fiery chef.

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