Indian Fries (Chana Na Bhajia)

Zee made her sons some Indian Fries called Chana Na Bhajia. Chana is a kind of lentils flour. Na Bhajia means the shape of the food which is kind of oval or in a blob.



  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 4 tablespoons chana flour
  • salt and chilli pepper to taste
  • about 1 cup of cold water


Click on the link below for instructions.


Heat a pot of oil on the stove.

IMG_6540Season the chana flour with salt and chilli powder. Add in the cold water a little at a time until you get a batter which is not too thick or too thin.
IMG_6542Peel the potatoes. Cut into thin slices. You may soak the cut potatoes in water to keep them from browning.
IMG_6544Drain the sliced potatoes and add them into the chana batter. Make sure that every piece is coated with the batter.
IMG_6548When the oil is hot, gently slide in the battered potatoes into the hot oil. Fry the potatoes in medium heat for a few minutes until they are golden brown.
IMG_6549Remove the potatoes from the oil and drain them in a strainer. Pat the potatoes with paper towel to remove excess oil.

Zee gave a plate of the Indian fries to Nanzaro and Arkensen. They love it a lot. But, unfortunately, I still keep to my “no deep frying” in my kitchen.

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  1. Maritza

    Yummy! These sound delicious. What is chana flour?

    Do you not deep fry because it’s messy? You should purchase a metal strainer that goes over the top of the fryer to minimize splatter. If it’s because it’s not too healthy, well, you’re right – no argument there!

  2. Suanne

    Hi Maritza: Chana flour is a kind of flour made from lentils. I think you can only find it in East Indian grocery stores.

    I try not to deep fry because it makes the entire house smells. I don’t have a deep frying machine. Maybe I should get one someday. Although we are concious about how unhealthy fried food is, we don’t really fuss over it.

  3. Maritza

    An electric fryer still makes the house smell like frying. I totally understand your concern. The smell gets into everything and is unpleasant after a while. It’s not as bad as soaking salted codfish. That’s something we only do on breezy days with all the windows and doors wide open!

  4. Sumitha Shibu

    Wow that looks really good.Channa flour is also called Besan in Hindi and Gram flour in English,hope this helps:)

  5. Suanne

    Hi Sumitha: You have a good blog. Nice pictures.

  6. zee

    actually chana flour can be bought even at superstore in the ethnic indian section

    frying is healthy if one uses vegetable canola oil…NOT mazola oil..

    one does not need a fryer…just cover the pan completely and the oil smell will be minimized and keep white vinegar open bottle on top of stove and smell will be minimized in the kitchen and house.

    yummy…these bhajias..better tasting then mcdonalds fries for sure.

  7. ireneandjimmy

    Nice instructions. I’ve been searching for a way to make chana bhajia. Thanks

    **Thanks again for explaining what chana flour is; I was about to ask

  8. seeker of childhood flavors

    Hey! so glad I found this page!
    there were a kind of indian french fries I had as a child, that were sweet, spicy, and a little tangy. maybe also they had some curry flavor. is anyone here familiar with these delicious fries?



  9. Lauryn

    Thank you so much for posting this!! As a kid, we used to go to a marketplace nearby that had a small indian stall. They served these delicious “fries” with a yummy sauce. The market has been long closed down, and I still miss those “indian fries” as they called them. I cannot WAIT to make these!!

  10. Jennie

    Does anyone happen to have a recipe for the pickled ginger root served at a Chinese Red Egg & Ginger Party? I’m helping my friend out with her party, and we both don’t have the slightest idea how to make it.


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