Kelowna Trip Report: KFC in the Park

By the time we got near Kelowna, it was already noon. We took a few stops along the way to enjoy the scenery. Below is our first glimpse of the Okanagan Lake. The Okanagan is a longish and deep lake stretching north south for 120 kms. The area is famous for their fruit production and tourism.


The drive into Kelowna will pass through the West Bank on the western side of the lake.


We decided to get something to eat in a park by the lake. It was a great day to be out in the sun. We went and got a bucket of KFC fried chicken in Westbank.


The 15 pcs buckets costs $24 which also includes family sized fries and gravy.


The fries were crunchy on the outside. It was not bad but frankly we prefer McD’s fries better.


The little park by the lake was great. The scenery was beautiful with the bluish lake in the background. We took our time and was in no hurry to get to the hotel.


After the lunch, we drove over the floating bridge across the Okanagan Lake from Westbank to Kelowna. The bridge is pretty congested and is due to be replaced by 2008.


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  1. Kirk

    Hi Ben – Beautiful photos! Even KFC looked great.

  2. Kyle Korleski

    Yum, Fried Chicken! The bucket is the modern-day holy grail! ^_^

  3. sally

    You got the bucket…WOOHOO!!

  4. Ben

    Hi Kirk: Thanks for the compliments. Made me take a closer look at my own pictures! 🙂

    Hi Kyle, Sally: Some people swear off KFC but we love KFC (OK, we love Church’s Chicken better).

  5. Shahdad

    Hi Ben,
    This is really interesting, we had a KFC picnic at Spanish Bank same weekend and we are planing to go to Kelowna in up comming long weekend.
    What a coencident.


  6. sally

    I swear off KFC…I just feel so gross after eating it. But, every so often I get a craving for it and I pass one by and smell it…

  7. Ben

    Hi Shahdad: Hope you have a great trip to Kelowna. Go for the u-picks (if they still have it). I think your Anika will love it.

    Hi Sally: We like fried chicken a lot, not so much of KFC but Church’s is really a world better.

  8. Rose

    Westbank KFC sucks…they make you wait in line forever (over 25 minutes), then their debit/credit machines go down and you’re just $3.00 short in cash and they WON’T give you your food. They’re RUDE. Their customer service is HORRIFIC!

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