Kelowna Trip Report: Breakfast at DeDutch Pannekoek House

We saw some travel brochures saying that DeDutch has the “Best Breakfast in Kelowna” and decided to try that for breakfast instead of the ho-hum fare that the hotel dishes out for free. There were a few DeDutch’s in Vancouver but we have never eaten in them before.

Despite that name DeDutch is a BC company with franchises around BC only. Their specialty is a dutch pancake called Pannekoek.


Knowing how large the servings are we ordered three different types to share. We simply had to try their Pannekoek and opted for their Farmers (Boer’s) Pannekoek. This huge plate costs $14.49.


Pannekoek is similar to the traditional pancake and is slightly thicker then crepe. The dish consists of Hash Browns, Ham, Bacon, Bratwurst, and Hollandaise Sauce.


It also included two eggs done which way you prefer and of course the pannekoek itself.


Their Dutch Toast looked so inviting from a neighboring table that we also ordered this. This is a traditional French Toast sprinkled with Cinnamon and Sugar. It is also served with steaming hot “Cinnamony” Apples. Absolutely yummy especially when it’s drowned in maple syrup. Cost? $8.79.


The third dish is “DeDutch DeBakon and Egg”. We always love bacon and eggs — can’t go wrong, right? The dish consists of two eggs, toast, “DeBakon”, Hash Browns and salad. Major yum! $8.69.


What’s breakfast without coffee, right?


The total tab came up to $46 including tips. Hmmm … pretty expensive don’t you think? Still it was really good and we enjoyed it very much. I agree this is the “Best Breakfast in Kelowna”.

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  1. Maritza

    That looks like the best breakfast on Earth!

  2. Rosa

    Oh my gosh! That is fit for a king!!

  3. Alexandra

    i’m hungry just by looking at the pictures :))

  4. Ben

    Hi Martiza, Kyle, Rosa and Alexandra: So you all like such BIG breakfast, huh? They were very nice but I think it’s too expensive for breakfast.

  5. Gustaaf

    Wat krijgen we nou? None of the 15 million Dutchmen in Holland will eat this plate! I never seen this in the Netherlands and I am Dutch.

  6. PinoyGourmet

    Dear Gustaaf
    This is a VANCOUVER CANADA BLOG,2 of my office mates are dutch and this is the ONLY place here that serves Pankooek or whatever you spell it,So its either eat here or go to Holland,So I beleive the 20,000 -30,000 people of Dutch Descent of BC would rather eat a 2nd rate copy rather then go to the Netherlands just to eat authentic Dutch Pankcakes,Not all Dutch live in Holland

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